If I had a super power….

On Friday, my first graders had a sub. I pulled out a couple of pages from my sub plan pack for them to work on.  For one of the sub activities, my firsties had to write about a super power that they would give their teacher.  I just had to share what this little girl wrote!! I was cracking up when I read it on Monday morning:

(I wish Mrs. Wagers could make 5 of her so she can pass out papers quicker.)
Haha!  Apparently, I need to pick up the pace in Room 108.  🙂
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 I’m off to practice passing out papers in a more timely fashion… 😉
Hugs and Happy Learning,

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  1. Christina, you crack me up! I think I must be pretty efficient at passing papers, because on the off chance I ask a second grader to help, I am always telling them to hurry up!

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