RIP Laminator (And A Thank You & Freebie!)

Remember a few days ago when I told you I wouldn’t be surprised if my personal Scotch laminator saw it’s last day from being used so much during back to school time?

Well, today was it’s last day.  Only it didn’t die the way you might think it would (overheating, not heating, etc.)  It died on the highway.  

Yep.  On the highway.  I was driving home from school today and heard a strange sound coming from my car.  Of course I did what anyone would do (right?).  I called my husband and told him I heard a strange sound coming from my car.

“What does it sound like?” he asked.

(What does it sound like? I’m not a car.  I’m just a first grade teacher.  It sounds like a weird sound coming from my car.  That’s what it sounds like.)

So I proceed to drive home and finally hear a quiet snap.  Except I can’t see anything wrong with my car and nothing in the backseat seems out of place.  

I keep driving.

When I got home I got out of the car and opened the door to unload all of my stuff. 
{Look in the backseat and silently shake my head.} 

The autopsy suggested the cord was hanging out of my door on the highway.  That strange sound I heard was the plug dragging against the road.  Classy, I know.  In my defense it was raining incredibly hard when I loaded it into the car after school.  I wasn’t thinking about the cord.  I was thinking about how I was so drenched with rain that I could be rung out and hung on a line. 

This is Weston welcoming home our new laminator.  When I said it was one of my Top 5 Must Haves, I was not kidding.  If there was ever a teacher supply item that gets it’s money’s worth, it’s my Scotch laminator!  πŸ™‚  

On a different note, I need to send a HUGE thank you out to Hadar at Miss Kindergarten.  I was the winner of her Easi-Speak Microphone Giveaway from Learning Resources! Yay!! I can’t wait to use this with my class this year.  

I’ve also attached a fun freebie page for you from the unit I’m currently working on.  It should be done September of 2013.  Kidding. But it’s taking me forever and I’m starting to dream about it. It should be done next week! πŸ™‚ Click the photo below to download it from Google Docs. Enjoy!

Happy Learning,

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  1. Girl! Who said they wouldn't have much to blog about without the kids around? Weddings, kidney stones, DOA laminators!!! LOL You are a proverbial wealth of stories. πŸ™‚

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