Antonyms, Antomins, and Alarm Clocks (And a Freebie for You!)

Today was my first day back after a wonderful two week vacation.  It was hard to get up this morning. My poor alarm clock took a beating as I continued to hit the snooze button.  I have a dear friend at school who will sometimes come into my room when she needs a “smiling face.” I love when she says this but she would probably not recognize me if she saw me wake up.  I am a grumpy teacher in the morning until I’ve had my coffee.  My husband, knowing how hard I am to get up in the morning, bought me this little guy for my birthday last year:

His name is Clocky the Alarm Clock.  I despise him.  Really, I do.  You see, Clocky has an obnoxious sound when he first begins to wake you up.  The sound makes me have an anxiety attack in the middle of my deep sleep, and I immediately hit the snooze button.  But Clocky does not stop there.  If you hit the snooze button again, he will roll off your nightstand while he continues to make his obnoxious sound.  This not only makes me fall out of bed and nearly hit my head on the dresser as I try to catch him at 5:45am but it inevitably makes me angry.  I went through this morning routine with Clocky three times before we “broke up.”  He now resides in the bottom drawer of my nightstand where he will stay until the day I decide to throw him away….or set him to go off on a morning my husband decides to sleep in (He, on the other hand is a morning person.)
Back to “school talk,”  I loved seeing my little ones today after a long break.  They were quiet all day long (which means they were tired!) and it took a few hours for some of them to get back into “school mode.”  We had a fun day as we started our Gingerbread Unit, learned our new winter math games, and learned about antonyms…or as many of my firsties called them…antomins.  
We made this anchor chart together this morning and completed a cut-and-paste activity.  We will continue to work on antonyms for the rest of the week.  About 90% of the kids picked this skill up very quickly.  Although, one little guy gave me the example “shoe and boot”…..We’re working on it.  🙂
I whipped up this little word search to share with you that I will add to my students’ Friday morning work this week.  It has a twist to it.  The students must read the words in the word box and then find the antonym for each word in the word search.  Click the picture to download it from Google docs.  Enjoy! 🙂
Don’t forget, my giveaway ends tomorrow night at midnight!  Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Learning,

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