I’m thrilled that you’re here! If you’re a teacher, it’s no secret that we are BUSY. When we’re not lesson planning, organizing, grading, or collecting data, we’re attending meetings (so.many.meetings.). Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, we have a family to take care of and that long-forgotten to-do item called sleep. If you’re a primary teacher looking for a place to soak up energy, get inspired, and find the resources and research you need to propel your students to the next level, you’re in the right place!

Since you’re here, I already know you’re an amazing teacher who wants to make your classroom the very best it can be.

But maybe you could really use…

  • Easy to implement ideas that make your teaching effective, efficient, and engaging
  • Structured literacy lessons and activities that provide students with the tools they need to read and write.
  • Practical educational research that you can use to help students succeed
  • Intervention strategies and resources that WORK and don’t take hours and hours to figure out or prep
  • Literacy resources that focus on language, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills
  • Organizational tips and differentiated support to help all students reach their greatest potential in your classroom

Did you shake your head “YES!” to any of those bullet points?

If so, you’re DEFINITELY in the right place! I’m here to help make your teaching and your classroom even more exciting, hands-on, research-based, and FUN – while making the world of teaching easier and more efficient for YOU!

Like you, I have some core teaching beliefs:

  • I believe that loving our students comes before content.
  • I believe learning and instruction should be differentiated and flexible.
  • I believe when it comes to instruction, we need to remain rooted in research.
  • I believe education is always changing, and it is our job to continue learning every day, just like our students.
  • I believe the activities and lessons in our classrooms should be hands-on, visual, and concrete.
  • I believe it should not take a teacher longer to prep an activity than it does for the student to engage in it.
  • I believe every minute in our classroom counts.
  • I believe it is possible to be the best teacher your students need and still have time for your own family and life.

Although I wish I could do this in person, over a cup of coffee, let me take a minute to introduce myself.

I’m Christina

I’m Christina, and I have a passion for teaching primary students AND teaching teachers!

In 2011, I had just started teaching at a new school in Northeast Ohio, and I felt pretty alone in the teaching world. I was craving a place to share tips, ideas, and activities for teachers like me, who wanted to add engagement and passion back into my classroom. Back then, my students called me Miss DeCarbo because DeCarbo is my maiden name. I started a blog in order to collaborate with other educators (formerly Second Grade Sugar and Spice). Fast forward, I’m now married to my best friend, Chris, and we have two sweet kiddos! They keep us VERY busy! That little blog from 2011? It’s now an educational website and curriculum store that reaches thousands of teachers across the world! After teaching first and second grade for many years, I currently work as a PreK-5 literacy coach. I love supporting our teachers, administrators, and most importantly, our students!

Let’s take your teaching strategies to the next level!

When I’m not teaching, coaching, or creating resources, you can find me providing engaging professional development workshops and services across the country! From national in-personal conferences to virtual conferences, educational service centers, and professional development for districts and school, I love getting to connect with teachers! I’ve had the honor of presenting at conferences such as Elevate, The Educator Summit, Staff Development of Educators, ilASCD, the Southern California Kindergarten Conference, Tennessee Literacy Association Conference, and other state conferences across the country! Teaching other teachers about best practices, research-based strategies, and practical applications for their classrooms is a true passion of mine! I love every minute and deeply appreciate every educator I get to meet while I travel. You can learn more about my professional development services by clicking here: Professional Development

I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and your favorite flair pens and make yourself at home here on my website. I just know you’ll find something that leaves you feeling inspired, refreshed, and energized!