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It’s here!! MORE Sight Word Passages {Version 2.0} & TA Sale!

It’s finally here!!!  My second edition of sight word fluency passages for reading intervention is finally posted and ready for you!  If you loved my first pack, you won’t have to worry about “running out” of intervention lessons or passages any longer! 🙂

This one is called: MORE Sight Word Fluency Passages for Reading Intervention {Version 2.0}!   You can click the link above or the picture below to jump to my TpT store.  Download the preview version on TpT and score THREE free passages and lessons to use with your kiddos! (There is a first grade, second grade, and third grade passage available in the free preview version.)  I’d love for you to try it out with your kiddos!  So many teachers (including myself) are having great success with these passages.  
This intervention pack has *75* original fluency passages that each target 4 sight words. (That’s 15 weeks of intervention and fluency practice when used once daily!) My original pack contained passages with the Dolch Words.  If you have students who can identify sight words on a flash card but then struggle to identify those same sight words within text, this pack is for you! 
The pack contains a focus on the first 300 Fry Words. Many of you are using the pack in tons of creative ways: of course, as intervention in your Tier II and Tier III RTI groups, as warm-ups and daily fluency practice for guided reading, as a tutoring or parent volunteer program to help struggling readers, and so much more!  So many teachers have emailed me and shared the fluency success their children are experiencing with these sight word passages.  Now, when you combine this pack with my original, you’ll have enough passages to last you the whole year!!  It’s also great on it’s own! 
Each passage contains four target words.  Students highlight or color the four target words within the passage.  Then, they reread the passage three times for fluency, coloring a happy face after each rereading.  Research has shown us that rereading is a key factor in fluency growth.  Students then illustrate the passage to demonstrate comprehension.  My students LOVE these – especially my struggling readers, because they feel very successful throughout the whole process and lesson. Each passage/lesson also comes with coordinating flash cards and the passage can be used with your choice of two different fonts: a kid friendly font and the traditional Times New Roman font. Using both fonts interchangeably will help your students identify letters from both types of font quickly – further adding to fluency and sight word identification.
The two packs are also now available as a BUNDLE Pack!  Purchased together, these two products provide over 125 fluency passages – OR – over 25 weeks of intervention when used once daily! Click the picture below to jump to my TpT store. 
My original version can be found by clicking HERE.  You can also read more about these passages on my blog by clicking here.  
My ENTIRE Store, including these sight word products, will all be on SALE tomorrow, May 7th and Wednesday, May 8th!  EVERYTHING will be 20% off!  Use the CODE: TAD13 to get an additional 10% off from TpT! 
 Stock up for next year and grab some great end of the year products!  Below are some of my favs! 🙂 Click any picture below to jump to my TpT Shop and add it to your wishlist.  Don’t forget the code: TAD13
 My Teacher Is Missing! Sub Plan Pack

A Year of Story Problems:

 Happy Learning (and shopping!), 

Christina 🙂 

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