Behavior Magnets – Take Home Freebie!

Like many of you, I use a behavior clip chart in my classroom.  My students start on green each morning and can move up or down the “ladder” depending upon their daily choices.  During my first year of teaching, I had parents randomly ask me what each color meant (even though it was stated right on the child’s behavior calendar, the classroom packet, the newsletter, etc…).  I needed a way for parents to recognize and really understand my behavior system without having to drag out anything from their child’s backpack.

Hence, the behavior magnet was created.
I copy my clip chart and my classroom rules, laminate it, and stick a magnet on the back.  Then, it is sent home with the children during their first few weeks of school.  I send a letter to parents explaining that we have been working very hard on expectations at school.  The behavior magnet can be posted on the refrigerator at home (sure to be seen by all!) and referred to throughout the year when needed.
Now, my parents are on-board, informed, and have a resource they can refer to easily.  During my second year of teaching, I even had a parent tell me she used my clip chart with her preschooler at home!  The entire family had gotten involved to ensure the same expectations were followed at home as they were at school.  (Not the norm, I know, but wouldn’t that be awesome if all our families did that?  A teacher can dream you know…)
Below is a picture of my behavior magnets.  They are not anything fancy – but they work!  Grab your copy below by clicking on the picture and downloading it in Google Docs.  
Enjoy and Happy Learning!

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