Pinterest Pick of the Week & Brain Gym Winner!

Today was one of my least favorite days as a coach.  It was our informational meeting about cheerleading try-outs.  This is not a fun meeting that I look forward to each year.  You see, I’m not good at lecturing high school students.  Don’t tell anyone.  I keep it a secret from them.  It’s also the reason why God blessed me with the skill of teaching second graders.  My meeting went a little like this in a nutshell:  

“I’m glad you’re here – next year is going to be great!”
“The cheerleaders on my squad will represent our district in a positive way – all the time.”
“I will check your Facebook and Twitter accounts because I do care about the way you present yourself to our community.”
“Here’s a long list of ways you can earn yourself laps and benched games if you choose…”
“No, I was not kidding about Twitter.   I.see.everything.”
“Yes, I can be a crazy coach sometimes.  It’s also what got us to State last year.”

“No, I’m seriously not kidding about Twitter.” 

It was fun, let me tell you. 🙂 

Last week, I shared the ways I use Brain Gym in my classroom to motivate, engage, and strengthen my students’ kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning skills.  The wonderful people at Brain Gym also agreed to give away a Brain Gym Teacher’s Edition book (a $29.95 value) to one of my lucky followers! 
I’m happy to announce the winner of my Brain Gym giveaway…..

Jill from Marvelous Multiagers!

Jill said…
I follow you! I’ve heard of Brain Gym but I never knew what it was! I like the Brain Gym Activities chart. 🙂
Congratulations, Jill!! I will be e-mailing you to get your address so that I can send out your Brain Gym Teacher’s Edition Book! 🙂  Have fun using Brain Gym in your classroom! 🙂
As for my Pinterest Pick of the Week, here is a link to a video that I repinned about Brain Gym to give some of you an idea of how I use it in the classroom.  (That is not me in the video, although I wish I could pull off a scarf like she does.)  Click the picture to take you to the video.  Check out how engaged the kids are and how she uses a Brain Gym activity in her transition to calm her kids as they move to their next lesson. 
Brain Gym
A special thank you to my newest followers.  I am trying to visit all of your blogs as quickly as I can.  They are all so wonderful! 🙂
Happy Learning,

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  1. I'm a cheerleading coach/2nd grade teacher as well…It's been a rough year and we've already started best of look to you and your squad!

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