Compare & Contrast Essay Part II with a Freebie!

I hope everyone had a great week! It was beautiful and sunny here in Ohio and the kiddos were able to get outside for recess – YAY! That is success in and of itself. 🙂

Last week, I shared how my first graders started the process of Compare and Contrast Essays.  You can read about this by clicking HERE.

Today I’m going to show you some final copies of their Compare and Contrast Essays and give you a freebie outline page that we used to plan and structure our essays. 🙂

We started by working on our very first outline.  I used this template to help guide my students in their topic sentences for each part of their essay. This was SUPER helpful because after they completed this, they knew exactly the direction they were going in when it was time to write the paper!

Grab this freebie from Google Docs by clicking HERE or on the pictures below.

 After their outlines were complete, they were ready to write their Compare & Contrast Essay on their own.  They followed my color coding sequence and really took off!  The kids had a blast writing these because of course the topics were up to them so they really grabbed onto ownership of their essays. Most of the kids chose to work on them during Writer’s Workshop and Daily 5 Work on Writing time.  Here are some samples:

This little girl compared and contrasted her mom and her dad:

This firstie chose to compare and contrast guitar lessons and basketball – two activities he is passionate about!

I’m pretty sure that after these writing lessons, my first graders could out-do some middle and high school students on comparing and contrasting papers. 😉  
I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at our newest essay projects!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’m off to enjoy a wonderful afternoon at a birthday party for my friend’s little one year old! 🙂  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there!  🙂
As always-

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  1. I am so going to use this with my third graders. What a great organizer for a difficult type of essay! (Can the "guitar" kid give my students handwriting lessons?) 🙂

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