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Bright Ideas Blog Hop! Fluency Tip and Trick!

Hi everyone! I’m SO excited and proud to be a part of this brilliant blog hop with so many of my wonderful bloggy friends! I can’t believe all of the genius ideas everyone is sharing.  
I’m going to share a quick, easy, and effective fluency strategy with you! You can use this little tip and trick during small group reading or one-on-one reading with your students.  
All you need is a Post-It note, a book, and a little reader!
Follow these three steps to fold the Post-It Note: (Fold it in half, then fold it in half again.)
Now, position the sticky note in front of the word the child is about to read.  Push the sticky  note slowly across the line of text, so that your little one must now “push” his or her eyes forward, across the page.  
This little trick forces the reader’s eyes to move forward at a smooth, quick pace.  You can adjust the speed of how fast you move the sticky note across the page to match the reader’s needs.  I start off slowly.  My students quickly understand what my intentions are. They know I want them to read fluently and continuously track the text forward.  On a new reread of the text, I push the sticky note a bit faster.  My advice is not to use this trick during a cold read but rather on a hot read or a “reread.”  
As your reader continues to practice reading with the sticky note, you can pass the sticky note to the child and he or she can take ownership of the sticky note to monitor his own reading rate and smoothness. 
This is a GREAT little activity to show parents at parent-teacher conferences.  It’s an easy, cheap, and simple way for them to assist in their child’s fluency at home during nightly reading. 🙂 
For more *bright ideas* visit Fourth and Ten, the next blog in this blog hop! Lisa is sharing a fabulous idea on organization!  Click HERE to head to her blog or click on her button below:
Thanks for stopping by!  -Christina 🙂

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