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Problem & Solution Strategy Series!

Hi friends! Tonight I want to share the first pack of my brand new “text evidence” reading series!  If you follow my blog, you know I LOVE to teach my students about comprehension reading strategies.  I’m always super excited to bring comprehension strategies and skills to life for my students. While we definitely revisit, teach, use, and discuss multiple reading strategies within our small groups, I prefer to really zoom in and focus on one strategy at a time during my mini lessons.  I will usually spend between 2-3 weeks teaching a specific comprehension strategy to my kids.  We do hands-on activities, modeling, think-alouds, read alouds, text applications, and application to the real world when we study a comprehension strategy. 

It’s really important to me that my students apply the comprehension strategy to text during and after learning about it. I have really been in need of a pack of passages that I can quickly grab and use within my small groups that are all focused on one specific comprehension strategy.  Enter: my new Comprehension Passages Strategy Series sets!

First up in the series is: Problem & Solutions!
This pack contains 20 passages that mirror my original Text Evidence passages.  
Let’s take a look at a work sample to see how these passages are used in small groups:
For each short, manageable story, the students read the passage three times to practice and refine their reading fluency.  
In this pack, the students will then underline the problem of the story in red.  (Students can use colored pencils, crayons, markers, highlighters…whatever you would like!)  They will also go back and identify the solution of the problem by underlining it in yellow.  
Finally, students illustrate the story to demonstrate comprehension of the story as a whole. 
Here’s an overall look at these passages:
If you download the preview file in my store for this pack, you can grab the following passage for FREE to try out with your kiddos!
The pack also contains really convenient and highly visual color coding cue cards for your students! There are large posters and smaller posters available for your preference. You can choose to have a simplified version of the color and strategy and/or a version that includes the definition.
I created this pack to use within my small groups as a way to specifically target a comprehension skill we were learning and focusing on.  However, I realized I was able to use this pack in so many other ways, too! Morning work, homework, sub days, and even as assessment to check my students understanding and their ability to apply their new skills to text!  The possibilities are many. 🙂
If you’d like to download the preview for the freebie or take a closer look at this pack in my TpT store, click HERE or click on the cover below. 
Next up in this text evidence/comprehension series? Compare and Contrast!
I’ll be posting the Compare and Contrast set in the next couple of weeks. 🙂
Thanks for letting me share this new Strategy Series of Comprehension Passages with you!

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