Ready to Write! Test Prep & Practice For Lil’ Common Core Writers!

It has almost been a week since I blogged! Where did the week go?  Well, I actually know the answer to that one.  This past week my husband and I found out we needed to do a sanitation shock on our well water – that was fun in the freezing weather.  Then last night the dishwasher went. Of course my solution was “Let’s go buy a new one.” (I always jump straight to the worst-case scenario.) But not to my husband – “I bet I could fix it,” is what HE always says. 🙂 I have to admit though, he’s very, very handy at that kind of stuff! Hopefully it will be up and running by tomorrow!

On Friday we had a snow day! I spent the day at the vet with Weston. He woke up with an eye infection. The poor thing could barely open up his eyes. $120 later, we emerged from the vet with a microscopic bottle of doggie-miracle-medicine. He’s doing much better now! 

In the midst of basking in the spirit of home ownership, I’ve been working hard at a new writing product:

I’m excited to share this with you!  If you are like me, your students have to take some kind of writing assessment throughout the year.  This pack contains 92 pages of Common Core writing tools for your students to get them into tip-top shape for writing assessments. Your students will understand how to read a writing prompt, code a writing prompt, and figure out what kind of writing the prompt calls for: narrative, opinion, or informational.  It contains sorting activities, TONS of writing prompts, activities for writing centers and small groups, posters and visual aides, lots of graphic organizers, practice test prompts (glue them into an interactive notebook, have your students highlight and code the prompt, and set them off to practice!).  You can even time your students on the prompts to help them “write on demand.” 
Optional rubrics are included, as well as a kid-friendly self assessment tool. There are also tons of picture prompt cards to use in a writing center or to help students independently work on their writing.
(Pssst! Ohio Teachers…you will like this next part!)  There are also 9 formal writing assessments included within the page. Teacher script pages have been included, as well as student prompt sheets and differentiated writing paper.  The 9 formal writing assessments are modeled after the Ohio Diagnostic Writing tests for K-3 but they are writing tests that will work for ANY state! There are 3 tests for narrative writing, 3 for opinion writing, and 3 for informational writing.  These are perfect to use as practice tests, benchmark tests, pre/post assessments for your grade level, whole group modeling lessons, and even as quarterly assessments for your report cards or just to check your students’ current writing abilities!

This pack is on sale until tomorrow (Monday at 6:00pm EST)! Grab it by clicking HERE or on the picture below. 
Since it’s snowy and cold, let’s have a little contest! Be one of the first five followers to PIN any picture in this blog post.  Leave me the link to the pin and your email address in a comment below and I will send you this new writing pack for free! 🙂  Sent! 🙂 
I’ll leave you with this little piece of inspiration as you get ready for another busy teaching week.  One little sweetie snuck this letter into my teacher binder during recess on Thursday.  I found it when I came back from lunch and it just warmed my heart up! Lesson of the day for teachers everywhere?  We have the 

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