Wordless Wednesday: May 14th – Funny Field Trip Story?

Yesterday we went on a field trip and the speaker asked my class: “What animals do you think the pioneers would have killed to use for food back then?”
One of my students raises a hand.
Wait for it….
“Probably tigers.”
Welp. There you have it, people.  In case you were unsure, apparently, tigers lived in Ohio years ago and we killed them for food.
What’s YOUR favorite field trip story?


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  1. I'll never forget the time when I was in fourth grade. We were at a lake, and one of the boys fell in! (He was totally doing something that he shouldn't have been doing, so I don't think the teacher felt too sorry for him!)

  2. Not so much a funny story, just VERY memorable! In sixth grade we went to the Cleveland Zoo. After seeing all the exhibits we had a wonderful picnic along the river that runs through the zoo. Along the river was a retaining wall that varied from about five to eight feet tall. We were, of course, walking along the wall as any sixth grader would do when my best friend who was showing off her budding gymnastics talents fell. This was in the day before all the lawsuits, emergency medical forms, and safety concerns of today. She was bundled into the bus, brought back home where her parents took her to the emergency room. She ended up with a broken leg and returned to school late the next day with her leg in a cast that we all signed with goofy messages!

    Everytime I pass the zoo I think of that day!

  3. Nothing as funny that. I was so worried about students getting lost on a trip but a parent got lost instead. I had to have the kids search for the missing parent. They though it was great fun.

  4. We had a kindergarten field trip and one of my students grandmother's went as a chaperone. Her grandson had to pee but we couldn't stop the bus – so she had him pee in a coke bottle!!! (I knew it was going to be a long trip when he came to the classroom sipping on a sweet tea.)

  5. This made me laugh. 🙂 We went to the zoo in April and one of my smarties asked me why the monkeys were making out. Face palm…

    The 2nd Grade Surprise

  6. Thanks so much for this linky- this is the first chance I've had the chance to link up! On my very first field trip (ever!) as a first year teacher, one of my students broke his arm!!! I was mortified!!! And it happened to be a students whose mom worked in the office at school. I felt absolutely terrible and thought I might lose my job! Everything turned out fine, though! I'll never forget that! 🙂

    Soaring Through Second

  7. We went on a field trip yesterday to a local safari park. Our wagon broke down in the middle of the park. I was stranded with 25 kiddos hoping and praying the animals wouldn't climb into the wagon. It was a little nerve wracking!!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  8. My fourth grade class went on a field trip to a living museum. We separated into small groups with chaperones and walked around different homes from the 1800s. One of the parent chaperones came to talk to me on the way home and confessed that her son had gone to the bathroom in the outhouse on display. Yep!

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