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Force & Motion Science Unit for Kids! & Freebie!!

I’m sooo excited to share this new science unit with you tonight!  Once in a while, I find myself with a piece of curriculum that takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to create.  This was that unit for me!  My mind kept spinning into a million directions and at one point, I thought this Force and Motion unit was going to make me motion-sick.  It was a labor of love but I could not be more *thrilled* with how it all turned out! I really think you’re going to love it -especially your students. πŸ™‚

I created this unit because I had an absolute lack of materials to teach the concepts of force and motion to my first graders.  The old “simple machine” unit is a bit outdated -it’s simply not in our standards as a concentration on how to teach force and motion anymore.  With my little group this year, everything we do needs to be active.  That’s a good thing, because if you’ve tried out any of my other science units, you know I’m all about the hands-on experiments!

This unit is over 70 pages of hands-on activities that relate the concepts of force and motion to your students’ everyday lives.  I can tell you first-hand that my students are knee deep in this unit right now and loving every day of it!  They are really thinking critically about pushes and pulls, friction, force, energy, and work.  The unit contains posters, vocabulary cards, experiments, lab reports, 6 hands-on motion stations with a unique critical thinking motion booklet, an assessment, original poem and song, games for directional concepts, printables, sorting sheets, and much more! You can check it out in my TPT Shop by clicking {HERE}.

Today we completed my Playground Lab Report activity.  We learned all about the concepts of pushes and pulls while experimenting on our playground!! Look how much fun we had:

Below is some, but not all, of the preview pictures from the unit:

Click HERE to download the full preview version. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for letting me share this new unit with you!  As always, I will send this unit FREE to the first 5 followers who leave a comment WITH their email address. πŸ™‚  Also, if you haven’t entered my Thank You Giveaway yet, click HERE to enter by Friday! πŸ™‚

If you’re not one of the first five followers to comment, you can grab this page for FREE.  This is an original motion poem I created to integrate this science unit into my students’ fluency poetry binders and is available within the unit. (Again, no laughing allowed! My husband laughed when he read this poem (all with love of course!)…I told him he’s not a first grader, so he doesn’t “get” all of my corniness haha!) Download it from Google Docs by clicking the picture below.  

Happy Learning,

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  1. Talk about a labor of love! I love everything that rolls off your computer! You are so creative and cover all the bases and more!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. I just purchased this from TPT and I love it! I started my Force and Motion unit a few days ago and I really wish I'd waited until I got this one.

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