Wordless Wednesday: September 2nd – Your New Best Friends

Yes, I know I already shared this picture in my Classroom Reveal for 2014, but I don’t think I did it enough justice.  These little pen pal holders have changed my “after school life.” I have not picked a single pencil off the floor in three weeks.  I have not heard a single child mutter the words, “I can’t find my pencil.”  In fact, I haven’t even sharpened a pencil yet because they love taking care of their pencils and clipping them back in their “pencil homes.”
Can you say AMAZING?!
Pen Pal people…if you are out there somewhere in internet world….thank you!
Bloggy Followers – Meet your new best friend, Pen Pal. 
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  1. Love! Love! Love! What a great idea! I actually have had my students each year as a part of our "technology and innovation" portion of our science standards design a better pencil. One of the issues that they work to resolve is the problem of pencils rolling off desks.
    I am so excited to link up with you for the first time! Thanks so much for hosting!
    My Life At The Pencil Sharpener

  2. I had pen pals for all of my desks last year and loved them!!! Then, over the summer they all went missing !!??? Not a cheap fix when they were something I already had. My Walmarts were all sold out and haven't replaced them yet, but this post makes me think I should just break down and send for them. They did make my life easier. (and this time at the end of the year, I'll remember to take them off my desks so they don't get thrown away!!!)
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

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