At Last…Pencil Peace. :)

You all know my pet peeve with pencils.  If you work with me (red hallway peeps who read my blog), you’ll remember the day I walked around with a HUGE bag of broken pencils, trying to uncover the mystery of how 25 kids could possibly go through almost 200 pencils in a matter of weeks. I was annoyed, mad, confused, frustrated not a happy teacher. 

However, my pet peeve is gone!  “Pencil Peace” has returned to first grade.  I’ve mentioned the Classroom Friendly Supplies’ amazing pencil sharpener briefly before, but I’m here to do a complete review of this awesome sharpener.  They were kind enough to send me a sharpener to test out with my kiddos and review.  I will also share how and why I have not heard the words “I can’t find my pencil.” or “My pencil broke.” in the past six weeks.  SIX WEEKS! 

I’ve tried the old “blunt” and “sharp” bucket.  That worked out well for….8 hours.  My kids would simply trade their pencils in to get a new one, even if it wasn’t completely blunt.  So, of course, we made an anchor chart, had a class meeting, wrote a song about it, practiced it, choreographed a dance about it,  talked about it, but that didn’t work.  They also thought it was okay to lose their pencils because there was a whole bucket of new ones that just magically replenished itself.  

Not anymore! One night (I’ll admit, this part was not fun), I sharpened 6 pencils for each child and placed them in a baggie. 

Now, I take 6-8 minutes every Friday while the kids are book shopping for Daily 5 to sharpen any pencils in their bags that broke over the week.  I simply call up their table and quickly sharpen them while they book shop. After a couple weeks, I trained student helpers to do this for me.  Now, I never waste time on pencils – before or after school! Ta-da!  I never hear about missing pencils because they know they have PLENTY to last them for the entire week. Some of them have now made it into a game – can I go one whole week on one pencil from my baggie? Yes, please!  I’ve had only two students over the past 6 weeks who have asked me for a pencil.  If anything, my sanity has returned. 
It takes me no time at all to sharpen pencils because of the Friendly Classroom Supplies’ pencil sharpener.   It’s very easy to use, quiet, small, and cute! It also comes with a great add-on clamp that I like to use when I have my student helpers use the pencil sharpener. It cleans really easily, which we all know is very important.  You simply slide out the collection bin and dump it into a trashcan.  I have literally shoved my electric pencil sharpener in the closet and it is no longer a part of our room.  It was SO loud and distracting.  This one can easily be used while others are working without causing a distraction to the class. The best part, it is FAST.  It sharpens quickly and easily, every time. 
The best part is how sharp it makes our pencils.  My kids literally “oohhh” and “ahhhh” when they are handed their pencil baggie for the week. I tested it out on colored pencils last night.  I don’t know about you, but many of the sharpeners I’ve used in the past seem to tear apart my colored pencils.  This one was awesome!!  It sharpened smoothly and the colored pencil was no trouble at all for this sharpener. 
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What do YOU do to bring pencil peace to your classroom? I’d love to hear your creative ideas and routines! 🙂 Feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂
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  1. I read everyone's pencil woes and knock wood that I have other things to worry about! We have the students supply their own pencils, which makes them very responsible. Every now and then someone forgets his pencil case at home (in first grade the teachers MADE them take it home daily to sharpen pencils!!) and that is it. I actually have a "lost and found" of about eight pencils at any given time, and when they've been there too long I just toss them.

    Hope you find a solution that works for you.

  2. Our pencil problems have reached their all time high! We constantly have kids losing their pencils..and other supplies! We had to send home notes to replenish a couple supplies, even though the year is almost drawing to a close. Next year, with glue and scissors, I will be keeping them and giving them out in caddies when the kids need them.

    PS. I have that same sharpener and love it, but the little attachment doesn't work so well to hold it on the shelf by itself, so I just hold it down… :/


  3. bahaha I love everything about this! especially the strikethrough about creating an anchor chart, having a class meeting, etc. about some dern pencils! I am right there with ya sister! definitely going to have to try to his!!

  4. I seriously think my kids eat pencils. They are always disappearing or breaking or losing an eraser. I think I will always prefer electic pencil sharpeners. I have one of the Friendly Classroom Supply's sharpeners but it takes so long to sharpen pencils! Maybe next year I will have a classroom job of pencil sharpener…
    Teaching in the Valley

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