Five for Friday on Saturday! Pics, videos, and more!

It’s Saturday morning and I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her five for Friday linky party! Better late than never, right? I’m linking up and sharing pictures of my week with you.  Here we go!

Back in May, I did a YouTube interview with the adorable Sheila from Sheila Jane Teaching on her Sprinkle Teaching Magic YouTube channel.  Sheila is so sweet and so positive – I feel honored to be a part of her series!  Sheila released the full interview yesterday.  I had never done an online interview before but it was SO much fun! 
Here’s a quote from my video:
 The interview was for her “Teachers We Love” series.  In the interview, I share how I balance school and home, some special things happening in my school district, my top 5 tips for TpT, a favorite teaching story, and much more! 
You can watch the whole interview by clicking on one of the pics below OR clicking HERE.
Week 2 was all about routine again! We built our stamina up for Daily 5 and math workshop. My kiddos got to 22 minutes on Thursday, so I know we are ready to roll this coming week with small groups! We did a couple practice sessions on Friday and I even got to pull a little group of kiddos for a blending session!
 We also started my Think, Talk, Teach routine this week!  We have been working hard at speaking in complete sentences and learning how to expand our thinking by using conjunctions.  First, we are focusing on the conjunction, “and.”
 I wait to launch Work on Writing last in my classroom.  Until my students have a solid grasp of what it means to actually write, we practice with our daily journals. You can see how the oral language activity each day is already transferring into my first graders’ writing skills – and this was only Day 7 of first grade! I’m so excited for the rest of the year!

Before we can move into our math workshop and small groups, we practiced what we look and sound like when we play games with a partner and games by ourselves. In the picture below, we are practicing our September independent math games using my Write On/Wipe Off Back to School pack.  They had so much fun and can’t wait to get started by making their own choices for math workshop on Tuesday!
Thanks for stopping by and getting a peek at our week! I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend with their families and friends. My husband and I are off to buy some paint for our upstairs. It’s about time we got the guest room and hallway painted! Fun, fun!
Until next time – 

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  1. The oral language cards have been a huge hit in my classroom…with the all first week craziness/brain fog though, I didn't think to use those as our journal prompts!!! Once I saw that, it clicked that I could be doing that! Thanks for the idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

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