Kaplan Carpet Square Love and Giveaway!!

Do you have a carpet in your classroom?  I l-o-v-e meeting with my kids at our carpet.  It’s the central meeting place of our classroom.  I tell my students that there are two places in our classroom where all of our IMPORTANT learning will take place:  the carpet and our small group table.  So it’s important to me that my kids have a cozy spot to grow their brains. 🙂  I’d love to share two carpet products with you today that have made my classroom a comfy and fun place to learn this year!
This summer I splurged on a new carpet for my classroom and I am SO happy I did! (Really…I am so happy. My red one was old and YUCK. It was time to let it go. #sorrynotsorry) I love the new purple color! I was ready for a change from the primary colors I had in my room during my beginning years.  My kids love how large it is and I love that they have a comfy, soft place to learn during our mini lessons!
My carpet is a KIDply Soft Solid carpet and can be found at Kaplan Early Learning Company!  I adore their site – There are so many amazing things to choose from! 
I have 25 students in my classroom this year and as you know, we spend 80% of our day involved in small groups!  If my kids are not at the small group table with me, they are involved in various activities around the room.  I try not to let too many kids work on our large carpet at once due to keeping noise levels down and encouraging them to find “just right spots” in the room so that they will not be distracted.  However, they are bummed when they are not able to sit at the carpet and have to find a spot on the floor somewhere.
Are they not beautiful?!?!  
I’m in love. 
They are bright, colorful, and SUPER soft and durable! 
My kids are so excited that they can grab a carpet square and sit around our classroom during Read to Self and even when they play a math game on their own. 
Here’s a close up picture for you.  The quality of these carpet squares let me know that they will last a long time in our classroom.  
We also used the carpet squares during our mini lessons this week. 
Some of my little friends have some spatial issues this year.  They do not realize that they are sitting so close they are nearly on top of their friends. I found myself asking them to scoot over thankyouverymuch one too many times. We fixed our problem by using our carpet squares! Having a designated area really helped my kids to be aware of their bodies and where they were at the carpet.  
I’m loving all the possibilities for letter and sound recognition games we can play this month with these carpet squares!

The squares fit perfectly in this milk crate! I tied a glittery pink ribbon to the front and voila! We had a cute little storage area for our carpet squares.  
Do you have carpet squares in your classroom or a rug you just LOVE? I’d love to hear about where you teach your mini lessons! 

I also have EXCITING news!! 

Kaplan Early Learning Company has graciously offered to let me give away a $50 Kaplan Gift Card to one of my lucky followers!! There are SOO many awesome learning tools and resources on this site. You will have so much fun shopping!

For your chance to win, enter the Rafflecopter below!!
I’ll announce the winner in my Wordless Wednesday post this week!! 🙂
Good luck!

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