Winter Edition! Text Based Evidence Reading Passages

Finally…It’s HERE! My Text Based Evidence Reading Passages {WINTER Edition} pack has been posted.  Can I just say that I now know SO many things about penguins, seals, grizzly bears, Valentine’s Day, George Washington, electricity, winter….

If any of you can’t sleep tonight because you can’t remember the year Lincoln took office or you’re just dying to know how a polar bear catches food…just call me up.  Chances are I’ve got you covered after writing these little gems. 😉

I’m super excited about the way this pack turned out.  If you liked my Fall Edition, you will love this pack as well! It contains 22 high interest topics that integrate social studies and science content into your reading instruction.  Each topic includes an informational text passage and a paired fiction passage, allowing you to help your students make connections across both genres.

Students reread the passage for fluency and track their reading with the snowflakes at the bottom of the passage.  On the right side of the paper, contains three “Read & Look Back” tasks for your students to complete.  Students will have so much fun using their crayons to go back,find, and highlight evidence to support their understanding!   Each passage is completed with a “Read & Respond” question that covers big Common Core concepts such as author’s purpose, main idea, questioning, key details and events, connections, making inferences, and more! 

Although I teach first grade, I wrote these passages on a 2nd and 3rd grade Lexile Level.  Why? They make awesome stretch texts for first graders and top reading groups, make perfect independent reading activities for 2nd and 3rd, and great intervention and small group readings for struggling 4th graders and even at-risk 5th graders.  

Many teachers have been using this pack for homework, center work, whole class activities, small group work, RTI, interventions, buddy reading and partner work, independent reading studies, and mini-lessons.  I love to use them during small group reading! We have fun being reading detectives and finding evidence with our crayons.

Since I did not manage to get this posted by Cyber Monday, the pack is on sale until tomorrow (Tuesday, December 10th) at 10:00pm EST.  

Head on over and download the preview version for 2 FREE passages to test out and try with your students! Click HERE or click the picture below. 🙂

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  1. So I am so curious… how do you know that what you've written is on a particular reading level? I already downloaded your preview and am so excited to try it in my classroom, but I am so curious as to how you know? Is it just a gift? Haha! Or do you send it out/scan it into somewhere?

  2. Thanks for the text evidence reading pack preview. I am very impressed and can't wait to see if you will continue adding more passages at increasing difficult lexile levels…..please. Thanks again.

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