No Worksheet Wednesday in March!

Hi everyone! For the entire month of March, Wordless Wednesday is taking a vacation because I will be participating (and I hope you will join me) in…
Yay!! Isn’t this fun? 
I’m linking up with No Worksheet Wednesday with my friends from The Primary Chalkboard to spotlight and showcase hands-on, authentic learning in our classrooms. Every Wednesday for the month of March, I am vowing not to use a SINGLE PRINTABLE or WORKSHEET in my classroom.  Now, not that I use a ton anyways, but I’m not going to use ANY. ZILCH. ZERO. on Wednesdays this month as I join in this awesome linky! 🙂
So what did we do today? Here’s a little peek at some highlights of our day:
 We used our Poetry Binders to practice and enjoy familiar poems from throughout our school year.  A happy hum filled the air as students sang and read with a buddy! 
 I loved hearing the kids tell each other, “Hey! Turn to page 25. I LOVE that one!” They were so happy have time to sing and laugh together!
 For our reading mini lesson, students went on a Nonfiction Text Feature Hunt with their reading journals.  They found as many features as they could by looking in our library and in their book bins!
 Many of my kiddos referenced our Nonfiction Text Features anchor chart throughout the experience. 
 Guided reading was SO much fun with our new tracking lights! They had a blast and enjoyed their new guided reading book!
 This little friend found the light not only fun but effective for him as a reader. He would use the light to zoom in on a “hunk and chunk” within a word that he knew. He loved tackling new words with this handy little tool!
What would a hands-on day be without an experiment?! We used my Cornstarch and Water experiment from my States of Matter unit to carry out this fun activity! We skipped the lab report and had a great discussion together about their hypothesis and conclusions! 🙂
Overall, it was a FAST and FUN day in first grade!!! I can’t wait until next week!
Link up your hands-on pictures with us over at The Primary Chalkboard by clicking HERE or on the picture below. Each week’s linky party is open all week. This week’s linky will close Tuesday night, and Week 2 will be open next Wednesday! 🙂 We hope you join us for all, or even at least one, No Worksheet Wednesdays! 🙂 

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  1. I've been trying to find hands on science experiments to use with my class, your activity looks great. I'm sure your kids had such a good day! Thank you for hosting this linky, I'm looking forward to the rest of the month!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  2. I love the idea of the reading tracking lights! I have been looking online and there are many available, but some are getting reviews that they are not lasting long. Can you advise which type you have tried and your experience with them? I'd love to buy them for my class, but am not sure which one to try.

  3. This is such an awesome blog post! I love the no worksheet Wednesday! We are 1:1 and don't use worksheets all that much, but need to be reminded that kids get bored with them and we need to find other resources to keep them motivated and learning!

    I really enjoyed meeting you (or listening to you) at the round table discussion at the blogger meet-up! You had so many great ideas! I actually figured out how to add bloggers that I love to my blog page, so I added yours. I will share your blog with my 1st grade teachers tomorrow!!

    Hope you had a safe trip back!
    Happy Days in 4th Grade

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