Tieks Giveaway Winner and Math Center Bundle!

I received a few emails lately asking if I was going to bundle my math centers and games so that they would all be available in one easy download for the year.  Well…I finally did! You can click HERE to get this bundle pack (aka: the easiest math games you will ever prep for your math workshop!) *on sale*!! 🙂
Here are the packs that are included in the bundle.
*The August/September edition will be added to the bundle this summer.  Buy it now and get it at a discounted price.* 🙂 It is 28% off in my store when you use the code: TPTXO

In other news…it’s time to announce a winner!!
Thank you SO much for entering my “tieks for teachers” giveaway this week! I am so excited to announce the winner….
 Christina from applesbooksandcrayons
Yay!!! I’m so excited for you!!  
I’ll be putting your gift card in the mail for you!
Don’t forget to empty your shopping cart at the TPT Sale!! It ends tomorrow! I’ll be checking out shortly (again). 😉
Click HERE To Visit My Store!

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