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Short & Sweet & Going to STATE! (And a Social Studies Freebie Preview)

My weekend was once again consumed by cheerleading, so this post will be short and sweet tonight.  My cheerleading team competed in the Regionals Cheerleading Competition on Saturday.  Their score qualified them to compete at the state level in Ohio’s State Cheerleading Competition in Columbus on March 4th! Ahh! We are so excited and I am beyond proud of them.  We’re going to STATE! 🙂

With all of the excitement I simply had no time to create anything this weekend.  My class will be learning about American Symbols this week so I have been working on an American Symbols Mini-Unit that I will be posting to TPT by Wednesday. Here is a freebie *preview* for you of the mini-unit. This page is meant to be used with the website “Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government.” The website can be found at http://bensguide.gpo.gov/
Click on K-2 and then go to Symbols of U.S. Government.  On Friday this week, I’m taking my kids to the computer lab and they will learn more about American Symbols by doing a “Website Research” using the above link and the Question Sheet below.  I hope you enjoy! 🙂

 As for me, tonight I’ll be watching the Superbowl and writing out Valentine’s Day cards to my second grade sweeties for our party on Friday. 
Happy Learning,

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