Weekend App Attack: Speakaboos

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I spent my weekend hanging out with my husband and throwing a little company Christmas party for some of his co-workers.  We had such a nice time! I spent all of Saturday making lots of good food, this really yummy apple cider drink that I may or may not be drinking as I type this (add a piece of caramel at the bottom and pour the hot cider over it to melt the caramel…yummmm), and a fun gift exchange.  My husband is as passionate about his job as I am with teaching, so it was so nice to get to know his co-workers more and catch up with their families. 
For this weekend’s App Attack, I’m bringing you a great app and website that you can use for Listen to Reading during your reading block or at home with your kids.  It’s called Speakaboos and it’s so much fun! It contains hundreds of stories your child can listen to and follow along with on the computer.  There are familiar stories and plenty of new and original ones.
You can click HERE to go to their website and play around with a few free stories without subscribing.  With the website, you subscribe and can use Speakaboos on the computer.  They also have a Speakboos App that can be used on your tablet! 🙂

This IS a subscription-based program so you have to have subscribed to use the site and the app. However, it is only $4.99 a month.  I also scored the first month for $0.99 by signing up for more information before subscribing.  You can unsubscribe at anytime.  I’m planning on using it for a few months just to bring something new into my Listen to Reading center during those dreary winter months after the holidays.  You can always re-subscribe the next year if you would want. 
I’ve been using it since the beginning of November and my kids LOVE it! It has all kinds of stories that are very interactive for the kids – making it a nice challenge for my high kids and a great motivator for my low kiddos.  
Head over to www.speakaboos.com to try it out! They give you five stories to read for free as you explore the site. 🙂  Happy Reading!
I’m off to go finish up these last few Text-Based Evidence Winter Passages. I’m determined to finish them today. Pinky-Promise. 

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