Weekend App Attack {Google Based Math Apps}

I’m spending my day working on things for school because my husband and I were super busy getting the house ready for Christmas yesterday.  Here’s a little peek at what we got accomplished! 🙂
We had so much fun picking decorations out on Friday night and then spent all of Saturday working on the house.  I spent another hour cleaning the house to get rid of all the GLITTER that was everyyyywhere.  I picked out these really pretty gold leaf inserts for the tree but I hadn’t thought about the fact that the excess glitter fell all.over.the.living.room as I was decorating the tree.  I’m pretty sure Weston’s white fur is now a sparkling gold and that I will be sweeping glitter out of my carpet until I retire.  It’s okay though…it’s Christmas. 🙂 
Alright, now onto something school-related. 🙂 It’s time for another Weekend App Attack!

Today I’m sharing some of the math apps my students are using on our Google Nexus 7 tablets during math workshop.  We l-o-v-e using our tablets for math workshop! I will admit that it is harder for me to find math apps that are android based compared to apps for the iPad, so I am always so happy when I find some good ones!

This first game is called First Grade Learning Games.  It contains both math and language arts games.  A couple games come with the app if you download the Free version.  For a small price ($1.99) the app will unlock quite a few games that students can play.  The ones my students are playing now are the top 4 games on the math side: patterns, ordering, advanced counting, and add/subtract.  The questions gradually increase in difficulty.  My students are enjoying this app!

The next app is called Math Dual: 2 Players.  This one is so fun for my kids.  I also love it because it is a partner game – allowing more students access to the tablets than the individual games.  Students sit on either side of the tablet and race against one another in adding/subtraction. You can set the difficulty and operations for the students.  The best part? It’s free!

The last one I have for you today is called Test A Day Math. This is also a free download.  I love that it has my students practicing two digit addition and familiarizes them with number words. 

I ran a workshop last week on small groups and I discussed how I use our tablets as part of our routine.  A common question I received was “How do you make sure your students are on the right app and are using only the apps you want them to use?”  I thought for this weekend’s app attack, I’d share the app I use to make sure my kids are safe and are in fact only using apps that have been approved by me! 🙂

I downloaded the app Kids Place (from the Google Store) onto all six of my tablets.  Using this app, I simply enter a password that only I have and I can then check which apps I want to be placed into Kids Place.  When my students pick up a tablet, they are only shown the apps I want them to use.  It also blocks all paid advertisements.  If my students were to accidentally click on something, a warning screen shows up and the  the “Action Not allowed” warning is shown.  This little app has given me a lot of peace knowing my students are safe while I am teaching small groups. 🙂 

I hope you enjoyed my Weekend App Attack! 🙂 Have a wonderful week! 

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  1. Thanks for the app ideas! They also have them available for iPads. I only have one iPad to use with my students and I'm always looking for good suggestions! Thanks again!


  2. What a beautiful tree! Decorating is on my to do list for this week, as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Thanks for sharing these great apps. I really love the Kids Place App. Great idea which will allow me to differentiate the apps I offer during center time.


  3. I have got to tell you that I think that I just found the gold mine of great ideas! I was searching for something to beef up my reading time. I instantly found 4 Awesome items and added them to my cart right awayand lo and behold they were ALL yours! As a fellow Ohio teacher- I'm sure you know the pressure of OTES! I already was observed in math- no problem but was afraid that I didn't differentiate enough for reading. So your items will give my groups a more student led approach and get those kiddos ready for the OAAs in a couple of years.

    I am super jealous of all of the technology that you have! I only get to borrow the mobile lab once a week but I too LOVE Raz-Kids, spellingcity etc. Perhaps I should start grant writing so I can try out more of your fantastic ideas!

    I am your newest follower and cannot wait to start blog stalking you!

    Have a great Thanksgiving break!


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