Weekend App Attack: Smart Cookie!

I’m back with a Weekend App Attack for you!

Today I am sharing an app by a fabulous teacher blogger! That’s right, one of our very own wonderful bloggers created this app for her students and it is now available to YOU on iTunes! How cool is that?!
This weekend’s featured app is brought to you by:
Molly from Lucky to Be in First!

Lucky to Be in First

Molly created the app, Smart Cookie, to help her students master their basic math facts. She has also extended this app to include a version for multiplication and division. The app is super kid-friendly and FUN! Check out some of these preview pictures:

First of all, how cute is this logo? 🙂

Students progress through a series of timed math tests that are progressively more difficult.  

In Molly’s new update, your entire class can participate in Smart Cookie when they use the app. This app is awesome to use as a math center!

When students pass a level, a cookie is added to their cookie jar. They love seeing their cookie jar filled up with cookies! The app provides great positive reinforcement to students, encouraging them to keep practicing and working hard on their math facts!
Molly’s app is $1.99 and WELL WORTH the price! Your kids will love this math app!
You can find Molly’s Smart Cookie app in the iTunes store by clicking HERE or clicking on the image below. 🙂 
Thanks for stopping in for this week’s Weekend App Attack! 🙂 
Check back tomorrow for a little giveaway of my newest product: Who Said That? A Dialogue and Quotation Mark Unit for Readers and Writers! 🙂
I’m off to the salon to get my hair done. If you googled “split ends” right now, a picture of my hair would probably pop up on your screen. It’s a hot mess. Then, we are headed out to go to dinner and bowling with our bible group.  Wish me luck. When I bowl, the ball goes about .0003 miles per hour down the lane.  You could probably complete your lesson plans for next week by the time it reaches the pins. 
🙂 Happy Saturday and of course – 

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