Weekend App Attack: Fun Christmas Apps For Kids!

I thought I would take a little break from educational apps for this week’s Weekend App Attack and tell you about a few little Christmas apps I found!  On Thanksgiving Day, my little cousin was playing on my iPad with me after dinner.  He is in first grade so we played all of the math and word work games on my iPad.  Luke is a very bright first grader and naturally, he flew through the math games, read me a story on Raz-Kids, and then asked, “Do you have any OTHER games, Christina?!”  After realizing that I did not have any kid games besides math and reading apps, I went on a search for a few fun Christmas apps. I’ve decided that I am going to let my students play these Christmas apps on Fridays for the few weeks before our Christmas break. 

These are all FREE apps from the iTunes store:

Christmas Match Pairs 2
This is a classic memory game with a Christmas theme.  It contains four different difficulty levels.  Although the kids think this game is just for fun, I have quite a few of my inclusion students who could really benefit from the practice of memory recognition. Memory games also give students an opportunity to practice concentration skills.

This little game allows your students to color a virtual Christmas picture on the iPad.  You can turn on the settings for number recognition, addition, subtraction, or mixed addition/subtraction.  It reminds me of a “Color by Code” activity. Super cute! 

Christmas Games for Kids – Puzzles
This is an old-fashioned activity of putting a jigsaw puzzle together! (Of course, it’s on an iPad so I wouldn’t call it old-fashioned anymore.)  The game has some cute Christmas scenes and even lets you pick how many pieces you want to put together.  

I think my kids will enjoy a little break on Friday mornings from our “math skills” apps to have a little fun with some of these cute Christmas games!  You can find all of these apps in the iTunes store.  
Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m spending the day running some errands with my husband and then working on my Winter Text Evidence Passages, which I will have ready for you soon!  They are slowly but surely coming together. 🙂
Stop by tomorrow to learn what you need to know about the TpT Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale! 🙂 

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