Wordless Wednesday Linky Party: A Picture Can Say It All!

Today will be the only Wednesday that I type more than one sentence for you. That is because today is the first day of my Wordless Wednesday Weekly Linky Party!  Every Wednesdsay, teacher bloggers will post a picture.  The picture can be funny, inspirational, cute, informative – anything you want! (Please, no pictures of product covers. Keep this fun and filled with ideas, not advertising.)  We LOVE looking at classroom pictures online! So let’s have a Wordless Wednesday every week filled with fun pictures from teachers! 🙂 You could post pics of your classroom, an activity, a great book, etc. The possibilities are many!
You can also type ONE question underneath the picture, if you choose.  The question’s purpose is to get people sharing thoughts and talking about the picture by leaving comments on your blog! (Don’t forget to spread some comment-bloggy-love yourself, too!) 🙂  If you want to link up with us today, the rules to the weekly linky party are EASY! Your blog post will take you 3 minutes flat – post a picture and write a question about it! That’s it!

Feel free to grab the Linky image at the top of my blog for your Wordless Wednesday post! 🙂 Link up below anytime after 6:00am EST on Wednesdays.

What did YOU do for April Fool’s Day yesterday?! 

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  1. I spent April Fool's Day enjoying a quiet day at home. I am on spring break, and am preparing myself for the calm before the storm of extended days next week to make-up for so much snow/ice this winter!

    Thanks for this fun opportunity! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I am laughing hysterically because the Xerox guy left us the same note! Lucky for the copier I was feeling pleasant and didn't have my normal "conversation" with it!!!
    I am so excited to link up and share some wedding goodies! I think I broke Rule #1 (Follow Directions Quickly) because I added more than one picture…And I broke Rule #4 (Make Smart Choices) because I added some text and it's suppose to be wordless…. What can I say. I'm a rule breaker! LOL! I will try better on 1 & 4 for next week!

  3. I pretended to be sick at the end of the day with fake dry heaving and then the piece de resistance, I had a mouthful of water that I splurshed into the garbage can so it sounded like I was really throwing up. So funny to see the kids reactions. Some were comforting me. Some were holding their mouth and running to the other side of the room. Someone asked me, "Does it stink?" A few started gagging themselves. Then I looked up, smiled, and yelled April Fools! Got them all back for the countless times I feel for "Mrs. Boatright, can you open this?" (at lunch duty, and it was already opened) "Mrs. Boatright, what's on your shirt?" et cetera.

  4. Ha! Your prank was TOO FUNNY! Did you catch it all on hidden camera? I would totally have fallen for it!
    I took a personal day, so no pranks for me this year.

    Thanks for this brilliant linky idea! Can't wait for more Wordless Wednesdays!
    Creative Lesson Cafe

  5. No April Fool's jokes for me!! Thanks for such a fun linky! I was just thinking that I was going to start something like this! So glad you took care of all of the work! 🙂 Now I can just join in the fun!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  6. This is hysterical! Did anyone fall for it? I posted a certificate from the Department of Health on my youngest son's bedroom door. It stated that access to his room was denied because of a rodent problem due to a messy room. He did actually get worried for a minute! 🙂 Lauren

  7. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your prank! It makes me almost wish that I were in school on April Fools' Day. We've had this day off for the past six or seven years, either with Spring Break or bad weather! Love the new linky also! Thanks for hosting.


  8. I went with the classic "Brownies" prank. All day, I had a pan of brown, lower case e's covered in foil. I passed out napkins and washed my hands before I passed them out. Then I started down the tables. Their faces were priceless!

  9. What a fun new linky! I hopped over from the Teacher's Desk 6 and will definitely join the fun next week. I did not have nearly as good a prank as you. I'm a middle school teacher and had planned to leave a note that said: "Dear students, I won the lottery and am off to Hawaii! Peace out!" but then I was spotted so I had to work on next year. 🙂

  10. Oh my! That's too funny! I can't believe you pulled that prank. Hahaha! April Fool's Day certainly is a great holiday to share amongst pranksters, isn't it? Anyway, thanks for hosting the linky party, Christina. The blogs you shared are super interesting, and I've done nothing with my time but read them. Again, thanks and all the best! 🙂

    Jesse Austin @ Charlotte Local Marketing

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