Setting Up and Using Independent Math Centers

How to set up independent math centers for primary students. Learn how independent math centers fit into the math workshop routine. Get two FREE math games to try out!
Today, I am sharing two independent math game freebies from my Back to School Write On/Wipe Off Math Games pack. I want to share these two games to give you a better look at how I structure and prep the independent math games my students play during our math workshop time.
These write on/wipe off math games are open-ended, which means the games never “end.” Place the game boards in a sheet protector. Then, students will use their dry erase markers to “play” and practice as many times as they wish.  My students play these independent games while I’m teaching small group math. The students playing the independent games will continue to play for the entire “round” or until the bell goes off and we rotate choices. The games can also be used as fast finisher activities, morning work activities, small group practice, placed within a center, or they can also be played with a partner. There are SO many ways to use these monthly math games! Each of my monthly math game packs contains six open-ended games that can be differentiated by your students. (You can check them all out in the Math Games section of my store by clicking HERE.)
Are you ready to try out two of these games for free?! Click HERE to download the sampler pack, or click on the photo below.
Independent Math Games FREEBIE Sample Pack by Miss DeCarbo
In this sampler pack, you’ll find two of my favorite independent math games to start off the year with.  The first one is called Flip It and Find It! Students use their number cards to make one and two digit numbers. Then, they find that number on the hundreds chart and circle it. Easy peasy! It is a great little game to get students used to locating numbers on the hundred chart and exploring patterns.
Independent Math Games FREEBIE Sample Pack by Miss DeCarbo
The second free game you will receive today is called I Can Count On! For this game, the student flips over a one, two, or three digit number (depending upon the grade level, the child, and the difficulty degree the child or you wish to be worked on), and then the student will write the number in the box. The child works on counting on from that number by filling in the blanks.
Independent Math Games FREEBIE Sample Pack by Miss DeCarbo
The wonderful thing about these games is that they can be differentiated using the number cards provided.  Students simply make numbers (one digit, two-digit numbers, three-digit numbers, etc.) using the cards in order to play.  My struggling first graders tend to flip over just one number card and work with one digit numbers at the beginning of the year. My advanced students flip over two number cards and play the games using two-digit numbers. As the year progresses, the students challenge themselves by working with three digit numbers. There is an addition and a “part part whole” game in this pack that my advanced students love to use with two and three digit numbers in order to challenge themselves! As their teacher, I love that they are all working on their independent level while I work with small groups. They are fun and easy to manage.
Independent Math Games for the ENTIRE School Year!
If you are interested in having independent games that are available for the entire school year for your students, you will definitely want to check out my Math Games BUNDLE pack. Every pack contains six independent, seasonal math games for your little learners. Throw them in sheet protectors and voila! You have instant, easy to prep math centers for the WHOLE YEAR!
 You can grab this bundle pack in my store, and have easy to prep, reusable, never-ending independent math games for the entire school year! No more searching on Pinterest and spending tons of precious time sifting between games that can be played independently by a student.  I’ve done all of the work for you! You can find the bundle pack in my store by clicking HERE or on the picture below.
I hope you love these two free independent math games that you can use for math centers. To learn more about my math workshop approach, you can visit and read a blog post I wrote about my math workshop here. Feel free to use the image below to pin onto Pinterest so that you can share this post with your colleagues.
How to set up independent math centers for primary students. Learn how independent math centers fit into the math workshop routine. Get two FREE math games to try out!
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