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Wednesday’s Pinterest Pick and Math Freebie

        I’m not sure how many of you work with high school students but I work with 8 of them on my cheerleading squad.  Since football season started in August, I see them even more than my fiance.  Today was one of those days that reminded me of a reason I went into early childhood teaching in the first place – the pure joy and enthusiasm my little sweeties have for anything I introduce them to!  My cheerleaders on the other hand were crazy-unfocused and certainly NOT enthusiastic today (not good, considering we have state qualifiers this weekend).  I actually caught myself saying “1-2-3 eyes on me!” to them while they were chatting instead of cheering – until I embarrassingly reminded myself that they were 16 – not 6! Haha

      So I was thinking of how annoyed I was at the chatting during practice while I was roaming through Target this evening.  I came to the craft aisle and picked up some fuzzy balls and googly eyes.  I had pinned a picture of Quiet Critters on Pinterest the other night and thought they were SO cute! I know my little darlings would love to have a Quiet Critter hang out on their desk when I catch them working hard and quietly during independent work time.  The picture I pinned from Pinterest is below. Cute huh?!  This picture is from Meredith at Keen On Kindergarten. Do you think they would work for high school cheerleaders?! (J/K!)
Wednesday’s Pinterest Pick of the Week – Quiet Critters from Keen on Kindergarten
I will try to post a new Pinterest Pick of the Week every Wednesday on my blog. 🙂
While I am making my Quiet Critters for my classroom (Ah, one of the many joys of having a student teacher. Don’t be mad yet – I’m also doing a lot of school work on a social studies unit for next week, too!), you can enjoy this Snowman Subtraction freebie!  Use it for math centers or partner games.  This is basically a double-digit subtraction “war” card game.  This is one of 7 games in my Winter Math Games pack on my TPT store.  The pack includes 3 independent games and 4 “math with someone” games.  Enjoy! 

Happy Learning,

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  1. Thanks for the great idea! I am going to get some Quiet Critters this weekend! And they are so cute! I also love the idea of a posting a favorite Pinterest find! Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all of the stuff on Pinterest, so it nice to see one that you recommend! Have a great night! 🙂

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