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Five for Friday {On A Saturday}

What a week! Our two snow days on Monday and Tuesday were wonderful but they threw off my week a bit.  Before I knew it, it was Friday and I was scrambling to get organized again. It did feel great to get back to school and see my kids again. 🙂

I’ve linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our (very short) week with you!
We kicked off our first week back by doing a self-assessment of our writing skills. We chose a new focus standard – narrative writing, and the kids assessed if they were a Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, or Expert in narrative writing. They will then assess themselves after our narrative writing unit.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and created my own version for my classroom this year. It is awesome to see my students really thinking through the process and discussing how they can move up the “learning ladder.”
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We  learned how to play all of our January Write On/Wipe Off math games on Thursday and Friday.  I always like to teach how to play the math games in small groups because it allows me to model the game and then provide the students with time to play the games with me.  This really helps set my students up for success and makes them highly independent as they play on their own during our Math Lab time. 

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I started reading a chapter or two from Mr. Popper’s Penguins to my firsties before lunch every day. Oh my word, they are SO into this book! They giggled their way through the chapter of meeting Captain Cook and squealed and laughed when Captain Cook bit the refrigerator.  They are having so much fun and I love that it is stretching their vocabulary and visualization skills. 
I finally got to wear and use my new classroom apron from Miss Kindergarten! Didn’t she do a fabulous job?! I’m in love!  I love the chevron with the pink top.  It’s so well made and I can easily store my phone, projector remote, highlighter, dry erase marker, and post-it note pad so that it’s easily and quickly available when I’m working with my kids.  LOVE! 🙂

After a long break, I always hold Daily 5 Boot Camp with my class.  We spend a few days going back over all of our anchor charts.  Once again, I create the anchor charts WITH my kids (I don’t just pull the old ones out of the closet.).  This is a fun time of the year because my students now know the Daily 5 language and they easily and quickly tell me what to add to the charts.
We build our stamina back up with Read to Self time, Read to Someone time, Writing, and Word Work.  We go over all the behaviors and model, model, model again. This time, however, the students take much more control over the “re-launching” process.  Next week, we’re ready to rock and roll again in our small group routines! 
We also took a look once again at “just-right” books before book shopping for next week.  

All of my students moved up in their DRA scores, so our library cards were wiped clean and new levels were circled for each student.  They use these library cards to help them book shop for “just right” books in our classroom book baskets. 

That was a peek of our short little week! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!  

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  1. I LOVE that apron!! Super adorable. Also love the idea of Daily 5 boot camp! We don't do daily 5 but I could totally do Reader's Workshop bootcamp! 🙂 Love your products and all of your creativeness.. Oh & you too! 😉

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