Thank You and Poetry Party!

I need to give a HUGE *THANK YOU* to Gladys at Teaching in High Heels for giving me a big shout out on her Teacher Feature day!  I am feeling so honored and grateful – her blog is famous to me in bloggy-world and I just think of her as a definite “teacher-blogger celebrity!”  🙂 She is just the sweetest person and you really need to head over to her blog and say hello.  And, I get to be a guest blogger for her on Friday!! How cool is that?! I’m very excited but also completely nervous and scared to guest write for such a huge blog – Can I do it?! Do you think I can?!

I slept for…oh about 50 hours yesterday (I was still at home, sick.) …and when I finally got up, I decided to create a poetry unit for my students for next year.  My student teacher just completed a poetry unit with my students and she did a fab job at it!  The one thing we noticed as she was going through it is that it was hard to find a lot of “kid-friendly” poetry templates out there.  So I decided to create my own to use for next year and beyond! 🙂  I hope you enjoy these!

Included in this Poetry Party! pack is a 35 page poetry unit.  It covers:

Acrostic Poems
Bio Poems
Cinquain Poems
Couplet Poems
Haiku Poems
Diamante Synonym Poems
Diamante Antonym Poems
Free Verse Poetry
Shape Poetry
Tongue Twister Poems

Each type of poem comes with an adorable poster, a planning page for the students to brainstorm and create their original poem, and a final copy page.  The unit also comes with a bonus activity practice page for Haiku Poems and Shape Poems.  It has a “My Poetry” book cover so your students can staple all of their final copy pages into their own poetry book at the end of the unit.  After you are done, have a “Poetry Party” to celebrate all of their hard work! 🙂

You can find this in my TeachersPayTeachers store or my Teachers Notebook store! 
As with all of my new units, I’ll give this Poetry Party! pack away for FREE to the first five people who leave a comment. 🙂  Leave your e-mail address so that I can send it to you.  
*If you don’t win the first 5 comment giveaway, don’t forget to sign up for my $25 TPT gift certificate giveaway! See the post below for details!* 🙂
Happy Learning,

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  1. Wow, you are quick! 🙂 I'm sending all 6 of you the poetry pack (I received both Miss Foote and Kate's email at almost exactly the same time haha.) I hope you all enjoy! 🙂 Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

  2. I love this unit! Midway through the post I had already decided this was a must for my sweets! Thanks for posting and congrats on the guest blogging! Gladys does have an amazing blog! I just started a blog so you are all sorts of encouragement.

    Sweet Seconds

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