Wordless Wednesday: November 5th – Everyday Math

My district is searching for a new math program to adopt.  Over the next month, I am going to pilot the Everyday Math series with my first graders.  I haven’t used a math program in a couple of years so I have mixed opinions!
My question for you this week:  Do you or have you used the new Everyday Math series?  Pros/Cons?  If you don’t, what program does your district use and what do you like/not like about it?
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  1. EDM had been the math program in my district for years. I hated it, partially because of the spiral but also because I hate using a program. My district recently dumped it and adopted Stepping Stones, which isn't much better. Some some people like EDM so give it a shot.

  2. My district is in its 2nd year of EDM. I really like it!!! My district doesn't like using programs BUT finally adopted something. We had too much variation in content being taught. EDM aligned our district to all be on the same page with materials, structure, routines and teaching practices. Our math scores went THROUGH the ROOF!!! The highest in 15 years!!!! I piloted EDM in 3rd grade but now teach 1st grade. I have more 3rd grade EDM experience(2 years) and I liked how it spirals, bringing in fractions with decimals, and pushing kids to do more than what I would have ever done with 3rd graders. EDM had my 3rd graders doing 5th type of math, Which was wonderful! However, there are a few draw backs. There isn't a lot of fact practice. Just playing a lot of games, which the kids like. On-line games are a plus too. Also, the program is weak in story problems. Our district will be adopting the new edition next fall so I'm anxious to see the parts in the program that are changing. Overall, I'm pleased with EDM and would NOT go back to what we were doing previous.

  3. We used Everyday Math during our math adoption two cycles ago. Personally, in year one (teaching 4th grade) I wasn't excited about it but then I began to really love it. I hated to see it go when we adopted another program (not worth mentioning) because the replacement for EM was bland, and not motivating at all for students. What I loved about EM is the hands-on component and the requirement to play math games that reinforced learning. Many teachers didn't use the games, but that's how students cemented their learning. the program was really compete. I always have to supplement any program to give extra practice and add more engaging enrichment but I can't do that, I'm not happy! As a district-wide math program, I did like EM better than any other program our district used. And that's saying a lot!
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ 4th Grade Class

  4. My district has used EDM for over a decade. We have been through many editions, and this year we have the brand new one in kindergarten which is aligned with Common Core– it wasn't before. There are some good things, and some not so good things. Our district is writing supplemental math curriculum to help teachers hit our goals for sure. I'll be interested in seeing what you think. I hope you'll post about the different aspects as you move through. As always, thanks for the linky party, Christina. p.s. I live in the south east corner of Michigan… not too far away. Maybe we'll cross paths some day! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  5. Our second grade team piloted EDM last year (prior to our new adoption being chosen) and they LOVED it! It spiral reviews so concepts aren't "one and done" and it's very hands-on. Unfortunately, the adoption committee for our district chose Go Math!, which is HORRIBLE! We started this year using it in first grade and promptly discarded it in favor of our standbys of Mentoring Minds and Investigations.

  6. From what I understand, the success of EDM depends on the level of parent involvement because the kids need to do follow-up activities at home. My district decided against this program as the parents aren't as involved for a variety of reasons. Good luck!

  7. I taught math with EM up until two years ago. There are pros and cons to it (as with every program!) but I loved the games! The program has so many simple, yet effective games for the kids to play to reinforce the skills and the pacing of the program allowed plenty of time to play them. Even after our district adopted a different program, I continued to use some of the EM games. Good luck!

  8. Our district used EM….I tried it the first year of the adoption and hated it. My kinders had very little number sense at the end of the year. I haven't used it since. Some of the games are good but that's really the only positive thing I can say about it.

  9. My district used to use to 2 adoptions ago…before I was teaching…. We recently got rid of Math Expressions and Saxon. (Saxon because they made too little of an effort to match standards too late. A lot of people are extremely, emphasis on EXTREMELY, upset that we had to stop using Saxon.) We are now using Go Math and the primary levels HATE it! The upper grades don't seem too bad, especially once they get the foundation in it, but there is way too much reading in the lower grades.
    Simple Insights

  10. We adopted Everyday Math for our Kindergarten through fifth grades several years ago. With the implementation of Common Core we found it necessary to supplement quite a bit in order to meet the rigor of the new standards. Several grades have abandoned the program entirely, including my grade – Kindergarten. Last year my team opted to go strictly standards-based and have had an increase in student mastery of standards, especially in the areas of numeracy and problem solving. Good luck with your choice!
    21st Century K

  11. We just adopted Math Expressions. We had looked at the EDM as well. That was the one I voted for, but the upper grade teachers out voted us. With our new one the jury is still out. At least it is better than the old one we had. With both programs I supplement heavily. I feel like they don't offer enough hands on practice for kinders. Good luck with your new program. Thanks for always hosting such a fun linky!

    Luv My Kinders

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