Weekend App Attack! Week Two

I’m back with another Weekend App Attack to share a couple of the great apps I used in my classroom this past week.  

The first is a FREE math app: Number Pieces that I used on Friday when my kiddos and I had a few extra minutes of time.  I told them to grab their whiteboards and we practiced some place value application of tens and ones. I love this app because of it’s simplicity and the kids’ ability to manipulate the base ten blocks.   I used it to practice writing each number in extended form. Below, are the snapshots that iTunes uses for the app so that you can see what it looks like. 🙂

iPad Screenshot 1
The second app is a favorite sight word app I like to use during word work with my kiddos: Sight Words 1-100 Kids Learn by Teacher Created Resources.  This app cost me $4.99 but I love it! 🙂  It allows the student to click the star to hear the word, read the word, write the word underneath, and then record themselves reading the word.  It is great for my Tier III tactile learners who need that instant reinforcement.  Lately, I’ve been using the app to give handwriting practice to one of my students that has a GREAT deal of reversals.  
iPhone Screenshot 2
After students have worked on a set of 25 words, it provides a game for them to play using the sight words.  This is the part my kiddos love! 🙂
iPhone Screenshot 3
My last app for you this weekend is one that is better used with an iPhone or an iPod.  I *love, love, love* Laureen from Teach With Laughter’s I Spy word work packs.  You can find many of them in her TpT shop.  The concept is simple. Students take a magnifying glass and go on a search for the hidden words in the pictures.  Then, depending on the pack, they sort the words by different sounds.  The one I’m using when we get back from break, for example, requires students to go on a hunt for 10 sneaky e words in the picture and record them.  Can I say…addicted?! My students LOVE them and literally cheer every time they find out they get to go on a hunt for words during Word Work.  
Well, here’s where my app comes in.  I used this during home instruction for a little boy last week.  I actually bribe him to get his work done with her I Spy packs because it’s so motivating. Except….that I forgot my magnifying glass last week. (Gasp!) I panicked, because he was really looking forward to this activity.  
I quickly downloaded the FREE: iMagnifier magnifying app from iTunes on my phone and he used that! It’s great! Works like a charm, and can easily be used during science experiments, word hunts, etc.  
iPhone Screenshot 4
That wraps up this weekend’s App Attack!  I hope you discovered some new apps that you can use with your students.  Thank you so much for stopping by! 
Happy Learning,

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