Easter Freebie & QCB Box

Class Meetings are really big at my school.  Each teacher is required to hold a class meeting at least once a month in his or her classroom.  In each classroom is a QCB box, which stands for Questions/Comment Box.  Students can anonymously drop notes into the QCB box about something that is worrying them, bothering them, or something they need to talk about within our classroom.  It is often about a friend or about something happening on the playground.  We spend a lot of time discussing the difference between tattling and telling in second grade. 

 I love the box because teachers are able to go through it and see what is going through our students’ minds.  I have learned a great deal from this box over the past two years and have been able to use this knowledge to better our classroom environment.  I encourage you to give this a try if you do not have a current way of giving your students an “outlet” to express thoughts or feelings anonymously about school and home.   You will be amazed at what you learn! 🙂  

This Friday, we held a class meeting about differences in my room.  We discussed how everyone is different and unique.  We talked about ways to make others feel welcome and how to treat everyone equally, even if they don’t always look like us or act like us.  

I’m working on an Easter Writing Pack.  In it, I included an activity sheet that teachers could use in class meetings or just as an easy self-esteem boost for your kiddos.  Here’s the freebie for you to grab.  🙂 I hope you enjoy!  I’m making this post short and sweet today because it is beautiful outside!! I’m headed out to enjoy the weather.  

🙂 Happy Learning, 

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  1. I like your comment box…might try it fourth quarter to see if I want to use it next year.

    I got an error message when I clicked on the bunny image. Is the link hidden somewhere else?

    Thank you for some great ideas!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. Love the purple high heels!!! They remind me of Dorothy's in the Wizard of Oz but much more classey!!

    As for Monday nights, we always watch the Antiques Roadshow on PBS and wonder why people hold on to stuff when it is worth so much. I saw your posting on TPT so I'm here checking out your cute blog. I hope you will visit me sometime.


    By the way, I'm your newest follower.

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