The Calm Before the Storm…

My four day weekend was wonderful. Relaxing. A breath of fresh air. It was calm and filled with peace and happiness…

And then Tuesday happened.

Did anyone else find their little darlings completely out of sync today?!   It was like they took a four day vacation and forgot to pack their brains for school.  These are the days I….wait for it…and don’t “unfollow” me when I say this…kind of see the point of year-round schools.  Okay, are you still with me?  Good.  I just mean that it is surprising how many little ones I have that can’t seem to take too long of a break from daily routine.  

Luckily, by the end of the day they seemed to remember where they were again and so I have high hopes that tomorrow will return to normal.  Tomorrow, I’m breaking out a few hundred more “Classity class’s” and “Yessity-Yes’s” than today. 😉  

My student teacher is in her last week of full-out teaching (Impromptu Mental Images Exercise: I have a big frown on my face and feeling sad. Can you visualize?)   So, I used my time today to create an economics unit that I will be starting with my kids next week.  I’m super excited for it!  After studying all of the components of economics, we will complete a Class Business project.  My kiddos are going to create a “factory” and make bracelets to sell during lunches.  We will regroup after each selling day, discussing the supply and demand of our product and deciding if we need to increase or decrease the price of our goods.  We will graph our profits and the expenses we have for our materials.  After 3 days of selling, we will donate our profits to our school to purchase some new books for our library.  How fun is that?!  I can’t wait to take pictures and post about how it goes. 

For now, though, you can preview the unit and purchase it on my TPT store or Teachers Notebook  store if you would like! 🙂  I’ll post a freebie from the unit on tomorrow’s post.  

As always, I will give this unit away for free to the first 5 people to post a comment! 🙂 Be sure to leave your e-mail address so that I can send it to you.

Happy Learning!

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  1. Thanks everyone! 🙂 You are all SO sweet! I'm a tad (well, a lot) intimidated by the awesomeness that everyone creates with their lesson plans out here in bloggy-world and I'm always second-guessing what I create! Glad you like it. 🙂

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