An Inside Tour of my No Prep MATH Intervention Binder!

Hi friends! Tonight I would like to take you on an inside tour of my No Prep Math Intervention Binder! It was just posted to my TpT store today and I am already completely blown away by your sweet and thoughtful feedback on this new pack! Thank you for always touching my heart with your kind words!

I have 30 minute a day for RTI Intervention in my classroom and these No Prep Intervention Binders have been sooo helpful and effective for my students!  After I made my ELA version, I immediately knew my kiddos needed a math version as well!  Without making you wait any longer…here it is!  Take a look inside:

Here is the table of content page! You can print out an additional copy of this page to make custom tabs for your binder, if you wish! Instructions on how I did this are included. 
 This math edition is perfect for all kindergartners, all first grade students during the first half of the year, and struggling K-2 students throughout the year, as well as special intervention students and teachers.  Number identification, oral counting, subitizing, quantity discrimination, missing numbers, place value, addition, and subtraction are all addressed.
The following pictures do not show everything that is included. This is just a little glimpse inside for you! The entire binder is over 320 pages!!

 The above activity is excellent for practicing one-to-one correspondence. 
Oral counting from 0-120 is addressed, as well as counting backwards from 10 and backwards from 20.
Subitizing is a skill I have not spent enough time on this year! I realized a few weeks ago that some of my students were still counting the dots on a die every time they rolled one to play a game. Recognizing numbers instantly is so important to math success! This section is jam-packed with lots of subitizing activities.

Our time is precious and limited during the school day.  Intervention and one-to-one support should not be time consuming or result in us spending hours and hours of time laminating cards and centers for our kids.  As effective teachers, we need to focus on maximizing the help we give our students and minimizing the prep time.  I try to always remind myself that if it takes longer for me to make the activity than it does for my students to DO the activity, is it really an effective use of my time and their time?  Usually, that answer is no.  
I hope this intervention binder provides you with as much support for your RTI time as it has for me and my students!  You can find all of the above and more in my new binder, by clicking HERE or clicking on the cover page below.
This pack, along with my ENTIRE STORE will be on SALE Monday and Tuesday for the Annual TPT Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale!  Use the code TPTCYBER to get an additional 10% off!! 
Click the picture below or click HERE to fill up your cart!!

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  1. Do you use any type of pre assessment to see what skills your students need? If so what is it. I am an interventionist and I’m looking for a math assessment I could give my students to assess at BOY and continue to use throughout the year to group my students and to see if they can pass/fail for intervention.

    1. I just make one master binder and use it for one on one practice. 🙂 Some teachers prefer to make a small group set, though. It is all up to you and how you wish to use it. 🙂

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