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What We’ve Been Up To! & A Word Work Freebie!

Today I thought I’d share with you what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks in Room 108.  

Our Daily 4 Math and Daily 5 groups are in full swing and we’ve been very busy first graders!
Here are some of the anchor charts we’ve created.  I am big on creating anchor charts and referring to them during our mini-lessons.  In reading, we’ve been discussing and charting the characters we meet in our stories.  We are learning about the difference between the main character(s) and supporting characters in the books we read.

This week, we started to dive into plot and identify the beginning, middle, and end of a story in our whole group read alouds and in our guided reading groups.  
We have also been identifying the genre of our stories.  This was a mini-lesson we did this week.  I read short passages to the kids and they told me whether or not the text was realistic or fantasy.  We used hand motions for each genre and acted out each kind of text. 
In science, we used my States of Matter Unit for Kids to do lots of experiments and learn about the states of water.  We learned all about solids, liquids, and gases. 
This was our final science experiment in our matter unit: Purple Fizzy Cows!  We learned that our snack contained all three forms of matter.  The ice cream was a solid, the grape soda was a liquid, and the bubbles of carbonation were gas!  Yum!
Of course, like most first grade classrooms, we kicked off apple week as well.  We taste tested, graphed, and studied describing words with our 5 senses. Next week, we will head to the apple orchard nearby our school for a fun field trip!  These activities can be found in my Apples to Applesauce Unit: The Ultimate Science, Literacy, and Math Unit for Kids! 

On Thursday of this week, we’ll be making crock-pot applesauce, sequencing the steps, and writing “how-to” pieces about our applesauce experience!  

Finally, we are in full swing with our Fundations spelling program.  Below is a picture of my Student of the Day leading the class in our letter-keyword-sound activity.  

Thanks for catching up with us on some of the things we’ve been learning.  I just uploaded my October Word Builders Freebie Pack to TpT.  You can head over and download it from my TpT store by clicking on the cover page below.  

Enjoy! 🙂
Happy Learning,

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