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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas is in the air in Room 108.  On Friday, I stayed after school to put up our class Christmas tree.  Our room looks SO cozy when we dim the lights and read stories now. 🙂  

Elves, elves, elves.  Our classroom is buzzing with everything-elf related.  I’ve never really done THIS much on elves but the kids are having so much fun that I’m rolling with it.  

Last week, we wrote our persuasive letters to Santa, convincing him to hire us as an elf for the North Pole.  My kids were awesome at this! By the end of the week, they really understood how to write an opening sentence and back it up with at least three reasons.  We used Teri’s elf craftivity for the top of our writing piece.  They turned out so cute!
Dear Santa, Please hire me for the toy maker elf.  Here is why you should. I am good at making toys. Second, I can make them colorful.  Third, I can be a careful toy maker.  Sincerely, Morgan. 
Dear Santa, Please hire me to be the toy maker. Here is why. First, I am a fast toy maker. Second, I put the toys on Santa’s sleigh. Third, I am a hard worker. Sincerely, Mason.
I also introduced Elf on the Shelf today.  Now, since I’ve been stalking other elf on the shelf blogs, I realize my elf is not actually “THE” Elf on the Shelf.  I actually have the Christoper Pop-In-Kins elf and book, which is adorable in itself and I’m pretty sure it tells the same message. 
Here is what we found our elf doing today:
He was checking for understanding!  The kids got a kick out of this.  One of them even said “Hey! We do that, too!”  (It was one of those rare moments as a teacher where you want to cheer that it is sticking!).  
Then, we started Brittany Hutchinson’s Elf on the Shelf Journal.  I told the students they must write two complete sentences a day.  The first must tell where our elf is hiding. The second sentence must tell what he is doing. 
Tomorrow we will be kicking off our Christmas Around the World trip and making our passports and suitcases.  Don’t you love Christmas time with your kiddos?  I have so much fun in December.  
If you downloaded and purchased my Sight Word Fluency Pack and are waiting for the 2nd/3rd grade stories, please be patient with me for a little bit longer.  I am fighting my second sinus infection in a month and was not prepared to come down with one again.  How does that even happen? What is worse, because of all of these sinus infections, I told my mother she could get me a humidifier for Christmas.  Let’s talk about a lame present to ask for, people.  I felt like I was 90 years old asking for that.  😉  
I hope everyone has a great start to the week!  
Happy Learning,

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