Reading Logs for the Common Core (with freebie!)

I am so excited to introduce my new learning product to you!
These Common Core aligned reading logs can be used in SO many different ways within the classroom!  The 45 reading logs cover a wide variety of comprehension strategies for first through third grade students.  
Do you use traditional reading logs? You know the ones – the student reads and the parent signs the log.  I used these during my first year of teaching until one little girl told me “Oh man! My mom forgot to sign my reading log.” Me: “Well, did you read last night?” Student: “No, my mom just signs it every morning because she has to.”  
From that point on, reading logs seemed to shout “Homework For Parents!” instead of “Student Accountability!”  Now, I use these reading logs in place of traditional logs. The logs cover a Common Core comprehension strategy that we have discussed and practiced in class.  Students read their nightly take home book and complete one box each night (Monday-Thursday).  My kiddos turn their log in on Fridays.  My students can complete these independently or with the help of an adult from home.  Now, instead of just a signature, my firsties are applying their reading skills to their nightly independent reading.  I love the quick application of skills and my parents love that these do not take more than a few minutes.
You could also use these logs during mini-lessons, as whole group practice and review, or during small group time.  Students could also complete a box after reading their guided reading book with you as they apply their skills independently.  You could also have students keep the log in their book bins and work on the boxes as they read by themselves.  Use as assessment, as a readers’ response log, the possibilities are endless! 🙂 A BIG list of ideas is included in the download.

The logs are aligned to first through third grade Common Core standards and the logs can be used for both literature and informational text. There are so many comprehension strategies that are covered in this pack!
The download preview includes 2 FREEBIES for you!  Try out 2 of these reading logs in your classroom.  I think you will love the flexibility of these logs and the many uses for them. 🙂
Click HERE to jump to my TpT page to download the preview and get your freebies!

These reading logs will be on sale until midnight tonight (EST).  I will also give away five FREE copies to the first 5 people who leave a comment below, with their email.  Just answer this question:  How would you use these reading logs in your classroom? 🙂 I love reading your creative ideas! 🙂

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  1. Love, love, love this idea, especially since my own nephew filled out his little sister's holiday reading log the last night of vacation! Right in front of me! And I suspect it happens in plenty of families.

    I like the way the students are applying something they've learned in class, and you will certainly gain more from it, too.

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

    1. Oops! I would use these as part of my Daily 5. And with my students who would have trouble with this I have book buddies with a 4th grade class twice a week and this would be a great way to incorporate these into our studies with the "big kids"

  2. What a wonderful rethinking of traditional reading logs. I would use them during Daily 5 and as a starter topic for when I conference with students.

  3. These are awesome! I know there has already been 5 comments, but thank you for making this product! It's hard to get kids to be accountable for their home reading. We do something like this for homework already, but it just has the same 5 responses. I love that these would change with the skill taught!

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