2015 Spring Blogger FUN: Weekend Review with TONS of Pictures!

Remember when I told you I attended the amazing 2015 Spring Blogger Meet Up in French Lick, Indiana a couple weekends ago?
Well, I’m finally ready to share pictures and stories from my weekend with you!
Let’s start at the very beginning…
(Cue the Sound of Music song.)
My weekend started Friday after school. I drove to my sweet friend, Sarah Kirby’s house from Permanently Primary!  We hopped in her car and drove to Lisa Pesce’s place from Fourth and Ten where we met up with Jessica Tobin from Second Grade Nest. Finally reunited after not seeing each other since the fall, we giggled and chatted and laughed all night! Oh, and I also was a little scared of Lisa’s adorable dogs at one point. (Don’t judge me…my dog is small and these cuties were super excited to have company over their house!) πŸ™‚
The next morning we got up EARLY, filled our coffee mugs and hopped into Sarah’s car for a 3 and a half hour drive to French Lick, Indiana!!
After driving for what seemed like ages, we suddenly arrived in this little bitty town of French Lick, Indiana. The hotel was beautiful though! Our day started off in the conference room for the official meet up!
Sarah, Me, Lisa, and Jessica!
The room was decorated with adorable decor from Schoolgirl Style!
We all introduced ourselves and it was SO fun to hear where everyone was from, what grade they taught, and a word that they used to describe themselves! As we introduced ourselves, we formed this adorable piece of art that we hung up to display throughout the weekend! It was the true definition of this meet-up!
After lunch, we had our teacher tool gift exchange. If you didn’t catch my blog about this, you can click HERE to read about it!
Then, we broke out into table sessions. I ran a little table talk about The Business Side of Selling on TpT. It was so fun and I hope it was super helpful to new sellers and old sellers! I plan on doing a blog post in the future about what I talked about! 
I also got to catch up with my sweet friend Jodi Southard from Fun in First! We hadn’t seen each other since last summer in Vegas! It was so good to get to hang out and chat! πŸ™‚
Next came a part of the meet up I was SO not expecting!
There was tons and tons of swag and goodies for all of us! There were a lot of cheers, smiles, and “ARE YOU FOR REAL?!”
Take a look at everything we received!!
A HUGE AND GIANT Thank You to all of the companies who donated these wonderful goodies! You made over 100 teachers EXTREMELY excited, thankful, and happy!!
We each received:
(WHAT?! I was SO excited!!!! It was like a moment from Oprah haha!)
A beautiful bag from Vera Bradley
Markers, stickers, and pens from Scentos!
Goodies from Go Noodle!
I even won a gift certificate to Crystal Springs Books!! Thank you Crystal Springs!
After the conference, we all headed back to our hotels and grabbed dinner! 
Of course I had to grab some coffee because I was starting to feel the exhaustion already set in!
After dinner we changed into our pajamas (literally – we all wore pajamas and carried pillows through the hotel. Talk about getting stares from strangers haha!)
 It was time for the PJ PARTY!!!
A big thank you to TeachersPayTeachers.com and GoNoodle.com for sponsoring this fabulous part of our weekend!
The room looked adorable!
Look at this cute little “bed” made out of a table! It was stocked with pillow cases to decorate as a souvenir of our weekend!
 So naturally, Greg and I thought it would be wise to use it as a photo prop!
We had lots of fun with the photo booth! Here’s a group pic of some fabulous friends!
 And another group pic from lots of amazing bloggers from Ohio!! πŸ™‚ O-H-IO!
 Those of us from The Primary Chalkboard stole a minute to pose for the camera!
I also had a lot of fun with Latoya from Flying Into First Grade and these TpT stickers… 
 Don’t worry I eventually took the sticker off of her! πŸ™‚ She’s so fun and I’m so blessed to have her as a friend!
 Another quick picture with Jessica! πŸ™‚ 
There was a lot of collaborating between blogs, meeting new friends to follow on FB and IG, and learning new tips and tricks for teaching and instruction in the classroom!
The night ended with a BIG group picture!!
I just love this pic!
This ENTIRE weekend was planned and prepped with love by the adorable and SUPER sweet Holly Ehle from Mrs. Ehle’s Kindergarten Connections 
They did such an amazing job! Every detail was planned out and everyone clearly had such a wonderful time.  I left the meet up refreshed, inspired, connected, and energized (and exhausted) to go back into the classroom and back to my blogging life! πŸ™‚
Thank you SO much for reading about my weekend at the 2015 Spring Blogger Meet Up! We hope you can come next year and join us! 
Take a look at everyone else’s weekend reviews using the linky below! 

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  1. It looks amazing!!! I bet you all had a great time! I can't even imagine all of the wonderful topics of conversation! To be in a room with all of you would be beyond measure!!!

  2. So awesome getting to know u!! You are absolutely the most adorable, sweetest offer I have ever met! πŸ™‚ So glad you came! I loved your post! It's so fun to read about what everyone enjoyed the most! I'm already counting the days til next year's event!

  3. It was just wonderful to meet you! I am a big fan of your TpT creations. I think I might have mentioned that a little toooooooo much. And your session was fantastic. I checked out the apps you suggested and decided upon BizXpense Tracker. It is working like a champ for me. Thank you for sharing your expertise on the business side (oh my, do I have so much yet to learn).

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