Peek At Our Week & Visual Plans for Feb 10-14

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I spent my Saturday being lazy and hanging out with Weston. The hubby was in CA for the weekend on a business trip – lucky duck! 

Here are some of things we worked on this week.  I don’t have that many good pictures because I was out on Monday for my conference, we had a snow day on Wednesday, and a 2 hour delay on Friday. I am SO ready for a normal, uninterrupted 5 day week with my students!

We finally  got to make our purple cows from my States of Matter science unit. They had SO much fun!  They loved getting to see and taste all three states of matter in their cups! It is a great experiment that really allows the kids to connect to the science concepts.

In my inclusion guided reading group, we worked on finding little words and parts of words within big words to help us decode.  We colored all of the parts we found in our little readers.  Those of you who know my TpT products – can you tell I love to use crayons in everything we do haha? They had fun with this little accuracy strategy and did a great job!
In my medium-high group, I realized that the kids had no idea how to identify a paragraph within a passage of text or within a book.  I had a completely different focus for my group this day (we were going to continue to work on text evidence with my Winter Text Evidence passages) but like any teacher, I quickly changed my lesson.  Instead, we color coded the three paragraphs within the passage and then we worked on paraphrasing each paragraph in our own words.  We first identified the main idea of each paragraph, orally discussed what we learned, and then paraphrased with a partner. It turned out to be a great little impromptu lesson! 🙂
This week is a four day week for students with a professional development day for teachers on Friday.  Below are my lesson plans for the week.  The pictures in the lesson plans are clickable and will send you to the source of the product or activity I am using.  🙂 I hope you enjoy!
Remember to click on the lesson plans to download them or click HERE.  
My morning work for this week comes from my sweet friend Lisa’s Common Core Crunch pack.

I will be spending my Sunday evening watching the Olympics and grading papers. 🙂 I hope you all have a fabulous week with your students! 🙂

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