Sample It Sunday! {New Blog Series!}

Hi everyone! I’m excited to introduce a new series on my blog: Sample It Sunday! I think you are going to l-o-v-e it because you get to try out a FREE page from one of my products every Sunday! Yayy!!  The free page will only be available for a limited time on Google Docs. So….grab them while they’re hot!!
Along the way, I’ll also share some inside tips, activities, and ideas on how I use my packs and/or how I teach various concepts to my kiddos. Okay, enough chit chat…here we go!
This week’s featured product is my Word Family Warm Ups pack: 
If you are like me, word families are *super important* to K-2 students in the fall.  I start teaching the word family “at” to my firsties right away and before you know it, we are off and running with our reading abilities! These word family “just print” pages are the perfect partners for your phonics lessons, morning work, center or review work, small group instruction, or even homework! 
Each page includes:
A Key Picture that Matches the Word Family
Trace, Read, Draw
Word Search
Nonsense and Real Words Color Coding
A Short, Decodable Passage for Fluency Practice
An Area to Illustrate the Passage for Comprehension Practice 
The pack also includes a colorful, appealing poster for each of the 35 word families! 
Soooo are you ready for a free sample page?!
Click on the picture below to download your Sunday Sample from Google Docs. 
Remember, it will only be available for a limited time, so grab your sample page today! 🙂
In addition to our Word Family Warm Up page, we also use poetry to reinforce the word family.  I use LOTS of poems in my room.  Whenever I talk about my poetry binder, I always have people ask me for a link of the place I get my poems from.  I don’t have a link because I get them from ALL over the place. 🙂 Different teacher resource books, Pinterest, nursery rhymes – I want my students to experience a diverse amount of poetry to enhance their fluency. 
But here, friends, is always, always, always our FAVORITE poem. It’s the first poem we add to our binders!
There is a catchy song to this poem that will be stuck in your head the entire first month of school.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Our dear friend Rat-a-Tat comes from the following Scholastic resource:
After we study a word family and use our practice page, we go back to our poetry binder. By this point, we can recite the poem by heart because we have read it over and over again and their teacher has sang the song in lots of crazy voices.  We highlight the word family words with our highlighters and practice our decoding and fluency skills again. 

Thanks for stopping by today and joining me for my first edition of Sample It Sunday. I hope you enjoyed it and stop back next Sunday for another featured freebie page! 

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  1. Hip, Hip, Hooray for Sample it Sunday! I bought this pack just a short while ago and now I have some great visuals to go along with it! I think my CD for Rat a Tat Cat is worn out! My kids love that song too!

    1. Hi Linda! I typed those out. I can't share them because they came from the book, which I don't have rights to. So sorry! The book is awesome though! 🙂

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