Wordless Wednesday: January 28th – Code It!

Here is an easy, effective, and quick way to practice and assess your students’ understanding of cause and effect within their guided reading books!  Have them underline and code a C for Cause and an E for Effect! 
My question for you this week:  What is your all time FAVORITE reading strategy to teach?
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  1. My favorite reading strategy to use with my older students is predict/prove it. This is a terrific go-to, low to no prep strategy that works best for fictional material. Based on what a student knows and the material previewed or all ready read, he/she makes a prediction of what is yet to come. Then he/she reads and either proves or disproves the prediction with textual evidence… simple and VERY effective.

    LOVE this linky!

  2. I love to teach inferencing. There are so many engaging activities to use. I keep adding to my bag of tricks each year. Oh, my daughter LOVED that Tiger and Lily book last year! She read it to me repeatedly and probably still has it stashed somewhere in her room. We've moved on now to Mr. Putter and Tabby and Breyer Stablemates books.
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  3. I love to teach compare and contrast! There's so many different activities the kids can be involved into really understand the concept and different things you can expose them to. Like comparing/contrasting two objects, two animals, two stories, or two characters. I love hearing them use the words in other areas also like math!

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  4. Great idea! I love teaching rhyming and word patterns using poetry and songs. It is one of the favorite times of our day for the kiddos. I have 99% ESL students and this has been a fantastic strategy to help them with language skills in general.

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