“We can just in-frense-er it” Or…infer ;)

We have been making inferences for the past couple of weeks in my classroom.  This is a tough skill for my second grade sweeties.  Today, we gathered at the carpet for our strategy mini-lesson.  I asked my kids, “Who can raise their hand and tell me what it means to use what we know AND the clues the author gives us to figure out more in a book?”  One little kiddo raised his hand, and in a matter-of-fact tone of voice replied,

“We can just in-frense-er it.” 
Ahh…we can infer.  🙂  
We had SO much fun using Babbling Abby’s Snow Day Inference Investigation unit.  I just had to give it a huge shout-out tonight because she did a fab job on this activity! You can find it on her TeachersPayTeachers store.  Let me just tell you, it is a purchase you will not regret. 🙂 
The unit takes a mystery story about a young boy’s snow day and requires the students to infer what he did all day with his Grandma using clues from the text and “evidence” from the mystery.
We started by building our prior knowledge about things we can do on a snow day. 
In small groups, we gathered the “evidence” and made inferences about what the boy did during his snow day.  
After we gathered all of our clues together, we created a timeline to infer what Tim did during the day, in what order he did it in, and what time he did it at!  
This was challenging for my students – they loved it! 
After we “solved the mystery” we wrapped up our inference unit with an Inference Strategy Song.  I tried to blow this picture up so you can see the words.  It’s a fun song to use with your kids! 🙂  
Before you know it, all of your students will be in-frense-er’s.  🙂 
I also wanted to post Debbie’s Linky Party from Kreative in Kinder that is really touching my heart!  Click the picture below to head over to Debbie’s blog and link up to give and share teaching resources or TPT units you may have –  whatever you can help with, to show support for the many teachers and schools who lost everything in the midst of all of the tornado destruction that hit the U.S. last week.  
Can you imagine standing in front of your group of students tomorrow, not having any materials or resources to teach with, and losing everything in your room?  I hope you can reach out and help!  I will be sending my TPT units to Debbie when she sends out her e-mail next week.  
Link up and reach out! 🙂  I really believe that is what these teaching blogs are all about – teachers taking care of teachers. 🙂  
I’m off to bed in hopes of getting to work early to get some odds and ends done in the morning.
Happy Learning,

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