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Fluency Builders Pack #1: A New Tool For Fluency Success!

Every day, I’m thrilled to receive your positive and kind feedback on my  Sight Word Fluency Passages for Reading Intervention pack.  It’s an awesome feeling to know that it is helping lots of little ones increase their sight word fluency progress on a daily basis.  After using it myself for several months now, I found I have a couple of my inclusion kiddos that can sometimes be overwhelmed with my passages and the amount of text that is on the page. They are improving, but could benefit from something shorter and more repetitive than a passage. 

Therefore, I came up with Sight Word Fluency Pack #1.  My new fluency tool has the same concept as my previous pack – it targets a few sight words at a time and requires the students to identify and highlight those sight words prior to reading.  However, this time it comes with a twist!  The targeted sight words are hidden in a fun Word Hunt.  The Word Hunt has other sight words that are very similar to the targeted words – so students have to really be aware of the words they are practicing.   Then, each fluency page contains a lengthy sentence that continuously builds on itself – offering a more intensive, repetitive sight word intervention for your most at-risk readers.  It would also be fantastic to use during the second half of kindergarten to get your kids reading and practicing those sight words fluently with assistance. Other teachers that I have had “test” this pack out have suggested using the pack as “warm-ups” for a small reading group, as center work, homework, seat work, and of course, within an RTI setting!  Here’s a look at what this pack contains:  

The pack includes a pre and post assessment and a teacher tracking page for easy lesson planning and group RTI planning!

You can click {HERE} or any picture above to jump to my store and download the PREVIEW file.  It will contain a sample of the pack that you can test out and try with your students.  Each of the 34 fluency pages comes with coordinating flash cards that your students can practice during each lesson, and even add to their sight word baggies as they progress.
I know that my IEP students and at-risk fluency kiddos will really benefit from the smaller amount of text and the intense, repetitive rereading that they will be practicing and adding to their book bins.
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my latest fluency tool.  I will be creating a pack to go with each of Fry’s 100 word lists, so be on the look out for Pack #2! 🙂  As always, I will give this pack away free to the first 5 followers who leave a comment below.  I’m off to catch the bonus episode of The Bachelor! 🙂
Happy Learning,

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  1. Awe, I. A bit too late 🙂 this looks great!! I was looking at your sight word fluency passages.. Do the kids do one page a day, or do they use the pages for more than a day? This pack looks great as well!!

    1. Mrs. Lynes,

      Depending upon your group of kiddos, you could do it either way. Currently, my kids complete one passage each time we meet and then they keep that passage in their book bins to practice and reread on their own. You could use it in whatever way works best for each group. 🙂

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