Wordless Wednesday: April 23rd – Author’s Chair!

This is our Author’s Chair. 
How do your students let you know they are ready to share a writing piece with the class?
Leave your ideas and comments below for us! 🙂
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  1. I love the author's chair! My students have a place to sign up for when they are ready for a writing conference, want to present a book talk, or share a piece of finished writing. They just slide their number over to let me know they are ready.

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. This looks like such fun! I've thought about introducing an author's chair to my classroom, but I've shied away from it, thinking that my older kiddos might think it too corny. My next year's class, however, would eat it up! I would enjoy hearing more about how you use this technique in your class and can't wait to read the great ideas that I know will be posted here.

    Thanks again for hosting this linky! I just LOVE it!

  3. I have a Share Chair that a former colleague gifted me when she retired. It is a folding chair painted with Tacky, Junie B., Wilbur, Froggy, and Wodney Wat–some of my favorite book characters! When a student is ready to share his or her journal entry or finished writing piece, they put it in a bin I keep under the chair, and that signals me that that they are ready to publish. I try to have a few students read their work while we eat snack or while we are waiting for busses to come! We use my microphone and the kids are very excited to read their own work and be "loud and proud!"

  4. I have a small rocking chair that I use for my "Share Chair" It actually matches my large rocking chair! My kids are only able to sit in this chair when they are sharing something! My kids are able to share their writing after I conference with them, or if I have seen that they did a good job of writing what we focused on during our mini-lesson (Ex. An engaging beginning or a great ending). Also, I never force them to share, it's always their choice!

    Teaching with Crayons and Curls

  5. I love your chair! It's absolutely adorable. It's something that I want to have for next year as I feel I'll have more room and time to focus on that. Otherwise, students just sit in my rocking chair for now, which is used for too many purposes. So an Author's Chair will be very special for only certain events. 🙂 Thanks for the Link up and for sharing!

    Take Me to Third Grade

  6. Love your chair! We do Lucy Calkin's Writer's Workshop, so at the end of every unit the student's pick their favorite writing piece for our celebration. We go to the computer lab and type it up, give it a cover and fancy pictures, and share it on our celebration day. We have had one celebration so far and it consisted of sharing in my rocking chair(it is usually off limits), bulletin board paper on their desks to fancy it up, and cookies & juice. Thanks for allowing me to link up again!
    Teaching Ever After

  7. I have a small directors chair like that as well. I never thought to have the students pin their writing. Great idea! Sometimes we just share out casually and they volunteer. Other times, we share the assigned piece and each student only comes to the chair when the piece is officially published!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

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