Tizmos for Daily 5 and Daily 4

Have you heard of Tizmos?  As I’m prepping for the workshops I’m giving next week at the Ohio Educator’s Symposium, it dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve ever shared this website on my blog.  It’s called Tizmos and it’s one of my favorite FREE websites!

Tizmos is an online website that you can use to categorize and store all of the websites you want your students to access.  For free, there is limited space (all that I’ll ever need though!).  For $0.99, you can have access to unlimited Tizmos space and for $2.99 you can add folders to organize the websites you want your kiddos to access.  Truly, 4 for reading and 4 for math is all my students need at one time.  You can swap out websites at any time – even from home! 🙂

Here’s a screen shot of what my Tizmos page looks like:

This was a screenshot taken during the last weeks of school, so I had started to clear out things to start fresh for next year.  You can see that by just accessing this one webpage (customized by me), my students could easily click on the three sites that I wanted them to use for Listen to Reading during Daily 5 that last week  Usually, I have reading on the top row and math on the bottom row.  I mark Tizmos as my home page so that the only thing my students need to do is double click on the Internet.  Tizmos automatically pops up. 

This has been the easiest, most convenient way for me to manage the websites my students use during Daily 5 and Daily 4.  I hope you can find it useful for your students as you begin to brainstorm different ideas to use for next year. 🙂

You can head over to tizmos by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!

Happy Learning,

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  1. Wow, this is great! I'll definitely be trying this next year! Do you mind sharing the websites your kids use? I have a few, but am looking for a few more! 🙂

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