Welcome to Candyland!

My dream job would be to travel around the country creating and decorating classroom themes for teachers. I know – not very practical. So instead, I’ll live that job vicariously through my own classroom and students. This year I went with a Candyland theme. My class is loving it! Here are some pictures and ideas to go with it.

My table names are the names of the Candyland stops along the gameboard: Snowflake Lake, Chocolate Swamp, Lollipop Park, Ice Cream Slopes, and Gumdrop Mountain.

The Candyland board below is what we use for mastering our math facts. My students work in partners on the Mastering Math Facts program – learning four new facts during each “level.” When a student passes their timed test for the level they are on (This program is great for differentiation in math facts.), they move up the Candyland board. Each time a student passes a landmark on the gameboard, they receive a reward!

The picture above is our Candyland Writing Board. As my students move through the writing process, they move their gumball to the stage they are on. The writing stage signs you see on my board are from www.teachersclubhouse.com.

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    1. Where did you get the Canyland sign? I am doing Candyland this year too and this would be perfect for my room.

  1. I REALLY want to try your Candyland Math this year!!
    Could you tell me a little more information??
    What do you use for testing facts?
    What do you use to keep track of the students’ facts?

    1. Hi, Amanda. That board was created several years ago as a way to track progress when I used the Mastering Math Facts program. You can find more information about the program on their website. I hope this helps!

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