Winter Evidence Freebie Sample & One More Day!

I got up super early this morning I pulled myself out of bed 15 minutes earlier than usual to put the Christmas tree up in my classroom.  The kids were super happy to have this very pathetic looking tree up in our room. My sweet mom got it for me during my first year of teaching.  It’s seen better days!

This is what Weston has been up to lately:
“I’ll just stay under here, Mom!”
We have been practicing text-based evidence skills in my first grade classroom.  It has transitioned us perfectly into making inferences this week. (I’ll have lots of pictures for you next week of all the inference activities we have been up to.)  Understanding how to cite text evidence has been a great prerequisite skill that is now helping my little sweeties support their inferences with clues from the text.  I am halfway done with the winter version of my next text-based evidence pack!  I’m working on the paired fiction passages this very minute. (Well, I’m taking a quick break to type up this post for you! 🙂  
I thought I would leave a little sample from the pack for you tonight as a freebie that you can grab and use with your small groups if you would like! 🙂 Click on the picture to download this passage on penguins from Google Docs. 
I hope you enjoy!! Remember, my Fall Edition of Text Based Evidence Passages includes plenty of topics you can use with your students all the way up to Christmas break.  You can find it 28% off when you use the code CYBER.  The sale ends tomorrow at midnight! 🙂
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Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 

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  1. We used your owl passage last week and it was a bit surprising when some of my second graders had some trouble. Looking forward to using this one come January!

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