Positive Points Monday!

Happy Monday!  I’ve linked up with the adorable Sarah from Permanently Primary for her Positive Points Monday Linky Party! I absolutely love her linky idea – I’m all about finding the positive in things – especially on a Monday. 🙂 Sarah’s rules are simple – share some positive points that are happening at school. Here we go!

*This Friday we are going to the apple orchard for our first field trip! I love our apple orchard afternoon, it is so fun to culminate our apple unit with a trip to a real orchard! 

*For the most part, my kiddos are finally “in routine” and the “How long until lunch?” questions have stopped.  I’ve really tried to do better this year about utilizing our posted daily schedule. It has helped a lot of my students know what is coming and what task we are on throughout the day. 

*My class this year is so kind.  They really understand the concepts of helping each other and encouraging one another.  I have a little one who has been struggling with our class rules.  On Friday, he made it to purple on our behavior ladder for the first time.  One of my other kiddos walked over and said “Great job!” and proceeded to give the little one a high five.  I was so touched by his acknowledgement of this student’s efforts that day. 🙂 Melted my heart!

*On Friday, we made applesauce. Except….guess who forgot the ceramic insert to her crock-pot? This girl!! I was panicking that I was about to disappoint 21 first graders. I mean, of course I had talked up applesauce day all.week.long.  Our transportation director volunteered to run home to get her crock-pot for us to use! (She lives right down the road from school, whereas I live 40 minutes away!) It made me very thankful and appreciative to have such wonderful, caring co-workers in my school. I’m thankful to be a part of a staff who always helps one another out and supports each other! 🙂

You can link up with Sarah and share your own Positive Points about school by clicking HERE. 🙂

Before I go, I have to share a “Kids Say the Cutest Things” story.  As we were headed to our third round of reading groups last week, my kids were having a very hard time getting to their “good fit spots” quietly.  I had put word race strips in their book bins for them to practice and apparently it was a very exciting addition to their books! 😉  I rang the bell about three times for them to come back to the carpet to “try it again.”  As we were headed to the reading table for the third time, one of my little “role model” kiddos said under his breath, “Mrs. Wagers, I don’t think some of these people will EVER get it.”


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