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Text Passages for Beginning Readers, Freebie, and Instagram!


I spent yesterday in my pj’s being lazy.  I played some games on my iPad (something I never do), curled up with Weston by the fireplace, and played around with the new camera my husband got me for Christmas.  I can send pictures through email or right to Instagram and Facebook straight from the camera.  Ahhh…can you say “a blogger’s dream?!”  I’m pretty excited about it! I also started AND finished a little packet for TpT.  I’d love to share it with you and give you a freebie from it.

My kiddos love using the text-based passages I created for fall and winter in our small groups, but since they are stretch-texts for my first graders, I wanted something they could do independently for morning work. 

I created this pack for our youngest/new/beginning readers!

The pack includes 20 short, simple passages for your beginning readers. Great for kindergarten and first grade students! The rebus-style passages increase motivation for struggling or new readers and add engagement to the passages.  

The pack contains both fiction and nonfiction passages.  Just like the packs for “older kids,” students keep track of their rereading by coloring a star each time they read the passage. The three text-evidence tasks increase comprehension.  The first task always has the student find and color two targeted sight words within the passage. Students complete the activity by illustrating the passage – great for quick, informal assessment!

By clicking HERE or by clicking any of the pictures above, you can jump to my TpT store and download the preview version.  It contains the above “Frogs” passage for free! 🙂 I hope you enjoy this text-evidence pack for your little beginning readers! 🙂 

I’ll send this pack free to the first 5 people to leave a comment with their email address. Share something you received for Christmas with us or something you enjoyed doing with your family.  🙂  (Sent! Thank you so much for participating!)

I’m also on Instagram now!  Follow me on Instagram by clicking HERE. I should warn you that I have quite the collection of Weston pictures on Instagram though! 🙂  
Can you blame me??

I’m headed to Columbus tomorrow for a little Ohio Blogger Meet Up!  I can’t wait to meet some of my Ohio bloggy friends in “real life.”  My husband is being quite the trooper and driving there with me.  (I’m terrified of driving in the winter and I wasn’t sure how the weather would be.)  He’s meeting up with some friends while I chat and have lunch with the girls. 🙂  Did I mention I love winter break?

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  1. Ahhh…so sad I'm too late! Another great product! I saw it posted on my TPT home page last night and was hoping I'd be lucky enough to try out a copy, but then life happened and I didn't get to follow my blogs as closely as I had hoped to today! Have fun at your meet-up! 🙂

    Teacher at Heart

  2. I love this idea. I have quite a few struggling readers (first graders) that need the easier passage but still need to practice with text evidence. I found your other text evidence pack on Pinterest. Those will be perfect for my average/high small groups. Thank you!!

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